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All of my plans to go fishing more often after I retired have just not happened and putting together a campaign over Snake Pit has been a very clear blank this year. The good news for Snake Pit is that the top target carp in the lake has just been caught at just over 40lbs - “Happy Days”. 
Charlie Pitt Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Another Thursday and I’m back at my club’s day water with the boys for a short session. The day session started late due to having to take the boy to his appointment at the dentist. So, arriving late I found the car park full of cars. A quick 'phone call to Spartacus to find out if any swims near the boys were free. It turned out that there was only the reeds swim free, so off to that swim. As it's not one of the favoured swims, I stood there having second thoughts about fishing, but, as it was next to the lads and at least Id have friends to talk too I opted to stay! Setting up my spod rod first I decided to spod heavily, out at 72 yards with hemp hoping to drew the carp into the swim. I then set up my first rod using the ever faithful VNX+ and cast it out to the bait area, setting it on the Delkims. I then turned around and started to set up my second rod and my first rod screamed off! After a short fight a nice low double common lay in my net. To say I was happy with myself is an understatement, a carp in my net in a unfavoured swim within 5 minutes of putting my first rod in the water! “Happy Days” 
Both rods cast out to 72 yards and more hemp spodded out to top up the area. Time for coffee and a quick word with the lads to find out how they were doing. After catching up with them and watching the lake I spodded out more hemp. To keep the baited area fresh with the smell of hemp I was spodding out three loads of hemp every half an hour. It paid off when another mid double common followed the first into the net an hour later. 
Charlie Pitt Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
For a short four-hour session in an unfavoured swim I'd had a great day, with three commons and one of them over the twenty-pound mark and all caught using VNX+ - “Happy Days”. 
Then after another hour just as I was spodding out another load of hemp my right hand rod screamed off. This time the carp put up a much harder fight and kited right so hard and fast I was unable to bring it under control. It had gone under Tom's two rods and I had to walk down to his swim and then into Mickey's swim. Luckily, I'd only caught up with one of Mick's lines, but that’s the way of the lake, with the swims being so close together. Sometimes you have to understand the need to put up with other anglers taking out your lines! As I took it under control we could all see that it was a better carp and once it was netted and weighed it was a nice 21lb 10oz common 
Charlie Pitt Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
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