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This winter’s been very changeable and at times cold, with snow and ice laying for days on end, which does make for slow and frustrating fishing to say the least. Due to a family bereavement, my fishing has, this winter, been put on the backburner. I have only managed to do two 24hr overnighters at Nash’s Royston Lakes with Mark Jordan (read his blog for these trips), blanking both times! But these lakes are going to be nice lakes to fish and I’m looking forward to getting back there at some time soon. Otherwise I have only managed to get out on my local club lakes half a dozen times for short day sessions, again blanking. The fishing has been frustrating and, until 09 April, cold and dark! 
Charlie Pitt Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
But I did manage a short session on CAP’s Layer Pit. The night time temperature had stayed at 6 degrees overnight and it was looking good for the daytime temperature getting into double figures. As the wind was going to be blowing in a northerly direction I’d already decided to fish into the wind. I headed to the north side of the lake and on to the point. The point sounds a bit grandiose but only just stands out into the lake with three fishable swims on it. I tramped round the Pit in quite hopeful mood as the sun came up. Arriving on the point there was no one in any of the swims, so could pick from 3 swims. Left of the point is “The Flyer” to the right is “The Lifebuoy” and in the centre is “The Point”. These swims are right next to each other and are very sociable swims with nowhere to hide. If you’re not a sociable fisherman then you’re not going to like these swims. Also, anyone going around the pit must pass through these three swims “so like it or not” staying quiet in these swims can be frustrating. On the positive side, the carp seem to be used to this and do seem to ignore the coming and going around the point. So, standing there scanning the water I was not surprised to see carp sunning themselves in front of the flyer and the point at 20 yards range. Mentally flicking a coin in my head, I chose the point, just in time as Steve came around on to the point heading straight for the Flyer, right behind him came Roger, dropping into the Lifebuoy. Told you, you have to be sociable on the point. I know both the lads as I'd fished near them before and got on well with them. 
I flicked out some floating pellets and mixtures which had been soaked overnight in Nasty Shrimp bait activator liquid, a great way of getting a strong flavour into the pellets and mixers. While watching the carp to see if they would take the floating bait I started to set my kit, leaving the rods to last. These carp were not taking any of the bait even when it was floating past their mouths, frustrating to say the least. I kept flicking small amounts into the lake as it drifted away hoping to get these carp to take the bait before they to drifted out of the swim. As this had not seemed to work but had showed that there were carp up in the water, I elected to use a seven-foot Zig with yellow foam soaked in Nasty Shrimp dip which would sit inches below the surface. Over the day I adjusted the height and at 20 yards range, it's easy to keep flicking out more bait to drift in the water column past the zig. 
Morning passed slowly and as midday approached a carp showed at around fifty yards out, and another caroused around with its back out of the water in the same place. So, I cast out a 6-footzig in 8 feet of water at 50-yards range. Spodding out crushed hemp to give some attraction drifting through the water and using 5mm of black foam over 5mm of yellow foam socked in VNX+ Dip this time, I managed to winkle one mid double common out. 
Happy Days 
VNX+ Nasty Shrimp Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
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