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The car park was full of cars and the mist lay heavy over the lake. I had arranged to meet “Riverside” on the matchmans bank, so loaded up the barrow and headed to that side. The only swim free was the bush on that side but standing there, I could hear carp crashing in front of the swim but could not see them. 
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I decided to fish at a range of 40 yards, which was where I thought they were. The mist, it turned out, was amplifying the sound of the carp crashing and making them sound nearer than they were. 
I set the rods up and cast out to forty yards with a single VNX+ hook bait on a KD rig with crushed VNX+ in a PVA bag, then sat back and continued to listen to the carp crashing out in the distance without being able to see them through the mist. 
After at least 2 hours the mist began to clear and I could see that the carp were much further out than I was fishing. So I reeled in and spodded out hemp to over 70 yards where the fish were showing. I then recast my rods to 70 yards and within half an hour my right-hand rod screamed off. After a short but hard fought battle I slipped the net under a mid double common carp. After taking some photos I slipped the carp back into the lake and watched it swim away. 
VNX+ Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
As I was changing my rig and about to recast the rod my left-hand rod started to give out bleeps and the bobbin pulled up tight and the alarm screamed. This battle was to last for a much longer time but it was probably not more than 15-20 minutes. As the carp neared the net it decided to try one last time and powered off to the left and under Riverside’s rods! Lowering the tip of the rod in the water I took back control and brought her to the net without snagging Riverside’s lines. Another common carp in the net and this time she looked even bigger and I was weighing up in my mind that this was going to be at least a mid-double or bigger. I was a little disappointed that the needle on the dial settled on 22lb 4oz. Everyone around me was saying the same thing; it must weigh more. She was weighed on another set of scales but it only confirmed the first set of scales. Still, three carp in an hour and a half two of them twenties how could I be disappointed in that. 
Putting both rods back out I noticed that the carp were showing much further out and to my right, in front of Mick’s swim. It had been a great 8 hours of fishing with three carp on the bank - happy days. 
The rod was cast back out to 70 yards and more hemp was spodded out over the top. An hour later the right-hand rod gave out several blips and screamed off again. This time it was a 20lb common carp in the net after a much longer scrap. Nice to have had two fish within a hour of each other. 
VNX+ Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Bait VNX+ Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
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