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After hearing about an old syndicate local to where I live being turned into a day ticket water, I decided it was time to go and have a go at cracking this very old water with its many uncaught fish pushing 30lb. 
The lake is around 10 minutes drive from where I live so this makes it the perfect lake for quick overnighters before work during the week. The lake is around 7 acres in size with many named original fish and many features such as islands, pads and water inlets. Some regulars that fish the water say the lake has good stocks of fish and there are many fish that haven't been caught yet but that have been seen to over 30llb.The lake has never been heavily fished and is not a very well known publicised water. 
We arrived and had our first walk around the lake looking for any signs of fish ,there were many fishing showing in a few spots. Whilst walking around, I noticed many fish high in the water in the margins so I quickly ran to the van and grabbed my floaters, which had been soaked in Red Spice Fish for a few days, and quickly got back to the spot. Within 5 minutes every single fish had been spooked off the spot and I began to carry on looking for the fish and my swim for the night. 
I couldn't see much more movement and it began to get dark, so I found a swim about half way up the lake where I had previously seen fish earlier. Once I'd found my spots and my rigs were ready to go I lightly baited my spots with Red Spice Fish 14mm boilies soaked in Red Spice Fish Bait Activator and got my lines in the water! 
I lost my first fish at around 11:30pm and I was truly gutted ,but not too long after my rod ripped off again and I was into another one on the Red Spice Fish! After landing my fish, a 5lb common, I got my rods back out and waited for the next bite. At around 3am my rod ripped off and I was in again! After a 15 minute battle I managed to land the 11lb mirror and I was chuffed! 
Charlie Richards Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
The swim went quiet and it was getting late so we called it a night . I was woken up at 6:45 to another screaming take and after battling the fish away from the pads I managed to land a 14lb common in pristine condition. 
Overall the session was a great social with good friends and great results! First time round using the Red Spice Fish and this bait will definitely be a big part of my fishing in the future ! 
Red Spice Fish Shelf Life Boilies Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
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