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Finally it was time to start putting some sessions in down my local park lake. The lake itself is around 14 acres and a 10-15 minute drive from where I live. This water holds some stunning originals and I have always wanted to fish this lake but never have due to hearing many stories about anglers having tackle stolen and constant trouble there. Rather than listening to stories and rumours from others anglers,I decided it was time to go and check the lake out for myself. 
So I spent a few evenings after work walking around the lake finding spots to fish and talking to regular anglers on the water, trying to gather as much information as I could about this mysterious old water. After my second or third trip after work I was soon to realise that the stories I'd heard were a thing of the past and, from what I'd gathered, the recent stories were in fact myths to keep keen anglers off the water as the fish holds a good head of original 30s. 
The lake is fairly well stocked with a handful of high 30s pushing the 40lb mark at the right time of year. The lakes biggest resident is a fish known as the water common, which can push 40lb if caught when she's been feasting or before spawning! The water common is my target fish from the lake , not because it's the biggest fish in the water but because there aren't many park lakes where I live with big commons of this size and this fish would smash my PB! 
I arrived at the lake for first time fishing at around 5:00pm and After walking around the lake for around an hour I found a swim known as the "beaky" and I chose this swim as it had many features, such as an island at around 90 yards, weed beds and lily pads, all of which are great places for the carp to hold up and hide! With my tackle in the swim I decided it was time to find some spots for the night , get some bait out and get the rods in! After half hour I had found my spot, so now it was time to put a light spread of VNX+ and Red Spice Fish boilies over my chosen spots. After an hour I could see movement over my baited areas and this meant it was time to get the rods out before dark with as little disturbance possible ! 
Now with the spots baited and my rods in the water it was time to cook dinner , have a tea and hit the sack! 
The previous night I had given a good friend of mine a sample of Red Spice Fish Neon pop ups glugged in Red Spice Fish dip to try and at 4:00am the following morning he woke me up with one of the lakes 30s , a fish known as "Chumnum" weighing at 34lb ! After this cracking fish we stayed awake celebrating Teddy's first 30 with beers and bacon sandwiches ! 
At Around 6:30am ,the sun was warming up when my middle rod tore off and I was into a hard fighting common on the Red Spice Fish! After pulling the fish away from a weed bed in the middle of the swim I landed my first park lake Fish, a pretty 6lb common and I was buzzing! 
Overall, the session was a great social with good friends and great fish ! A new venue for me and once again the VNX+ and the Red Spice Fish doing the business ! 
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