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It was another lovely summer evening and I just had to get the rods out after Work. I headed to the lake and did a quick lap. There wasn’t much showing like normal, so I went on my gut instinct and headed to a corner of the lake, where there are some big sets of lily pads. I clipped up to the pads and scattered some VNX+ around the area. 
It was literally 30 seconds before the rod signalled a take. I was fishing locked up, so the line snapped out of the clip and the fish kited away from the pads. It charged towards me and then went mental under the rod tip. After a short but spirited battle, I had a small common in the net. I quickly unhooked it and slipped it back. 
I rebaited the rod and cast it off the pads again. It landed inches away, perfect. I put it on the rest and locked the clutch up. It went awfully quiet, nothing was showing or any signs of feeding fish. I was looking to move but as had caught one already I decided to stay put. I was fishing wafters on both rods it was working well but to single out a bigger fish I changed one rod to a snowman rig. A grebe and a couple of mallards had moved into the swim and that completely killed the action. The mallards were diving over the bait and because it is so shallow all the carp had spooked. The birds finally left and the carp returned and I quickly got a bite on the wafter rod which turned out to be a mirror carp of about 4 pound. 
The lake was being a bit tricky and the carp were not behaving like normal. The normal behaviour for the fish in this lake is for them to be jumping out of the water and big patches of fizzing when the carp are grubbing around in the silt. This session had not been like that. The fish were not jumping or fizzing and I was happy to be able to catch two fish in these difficult conditions. The main reason I am putting the tough fishing down to is the heat. It was scorching that day at was 22 degrees, not the ideal for fishing. I had an hour left and the light was starting to drop and so was the temperature. Last light is always the best chance for a fish. 
45 minutes passed with nothing, not even a beep, but out of the blue the line pulled out of the clip on the left hand rod which had the snowman rig on it. The take was savage the line hit the roller arm so hard it made a metallic clang. It was definitely a better fish. After an intense battle the carp was in the net. It pulled out all of the tricks in the book to slip the hook. It charged towards me then surged for the tree to my right. Then it went for the reeds to the left. Eventually it got tired and gave up. I love how on every take I still get that adrenaline rush, it is one of the best bits of fishing if you ask me. I weighed the mirror it went to 14 pound one of the better carp in the lake. A lovely way to finish the session. 
Tight lines. 
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