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Hello ladies and gentlemen, it’s Harry again with another wicked adventure resulting in 6 carp landed, but unfortunately ending in a trip to the hospital! 
Harry Stirling Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
So, the adventure started with a 45 minute journey to the chosen venue, setting off mega early in the morning allowing me plenty of time on the bank as the venue times during winter are 7:30 till 16:30. Of course I arrived early getting there for around 7:15, allowing me enough time to get a ticket and be 1st there but I wasn’t, there were four other anglers there waiting at the bailiff's hut for their tickets. 
I had a walk around the lake with my favourite swim of choice in mind, but one of the four anglers had beat me to it. I should have walked around with a bucket before loading up my barrow, never mind. I decided to settle on a peg I had fished before and while setting up a couple of carp had showed off an island where I know there is a fair size weed bed. 
With that in mind I decided to go with the solid bag approach and I started preparing my bait. As shown in a picture I used some crushed and whole Scoberry 14mm bottom baits, some 14mm Red Hot Bullet bottom baits, along with some low oil pellets dusted off with some dried, fine crushed VNX+ boilies and, I’m sure you will agree, this looks delightful. 
Shelf Life Boilies Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
I’m not one for just targeting big carp, I mean yes, I love catching big carp but I certainly don’t complain or refuse a picture with a little one. It’s all the same to me really. Making your own rigs and catching on them, choosing tactics and approach and it pays of etc., it’s just a great feeling, especially after being rewarded with a carp. You leave your house with one mission and that’s to catch a carp and for me, if it’s big or small, either way, mission complete after catching the 1st. 
So I was off the mark and filled with enthusiasm. Some time had passed since that capture and a few more anglers had turned up. There were plenty of swims free but set up either side of me so I felt a move was on the cards. I reeled the rods in and went for a walk. I found a decent size peg with plenty of water to go at so I decided to go there. I left my water container and went back and got my barrow.  
With the bags made up I then made up my rigs - one multi rig fished with the white Scoberry pop up, the other a German rig fished with the Nasty Shrimp bright pink neon pop up. I cast my right hand rod about 9ft from the island. It was very difficult to feel the lead down as it’s weedy, but I still felt confident in my approach. My left hand rod went to the left of the right hand spot where I know it’s clear, around a rod length apart. So, one fishing in the weed and one just off the weed in a clear area mostly made up of silt. With the rods out I soon got the kettle on, everything else left on the barrow as I like to stay mobile, especially in these wintery conditions. I was just sat there relaxing with the kettle boiling and my right hand rod had a few bleeps. Instantly I thought it was a liner and the fish must be patrolling through the weed. I was fishing a slack line on that rod as I want as much of the line out the way as possible, but the line was tight from the reel to the indicator, I feel this still gives you good indication for a bite or liner. In no time at all the carp decided to take my bait and the bite alarm was singing and dancing! With the cup of tea pouring out my cup on the floor I was playing my 1st fish of the day after only being there for around half an hour. 
Adrenaline flowing I netted my prize. At this point I was the only angler who had caught. After a quick picture I put the little common back weighing in at around 10 pound. 
Nasty Shrimp Pop Up Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Was this a right move or a wrong one, I didn’t know, but it was quiet and no angling pressure, so there were pros and cons. I didn’t actually get the rods back out for a while, I set the kettle up, made a drink and just sat there looking at the water in front of me for any signs of carp, swirls, shows, bubbles but there was nothing but dead calm. I had to get the rods out as I had to be fishing, I couldn’t just sit there for much longer. I went with the solid bag approach again and to my surprise it wasn’t long until I was into another carp. While I was playing this carp my other rod was away also, it was carnage in the swim! I netted one carp then netted the other - another 2 commons. One carp was transferred to the floating retention sling the other in the net carried over to the cradle for some quick snaps. I sent that carp on its way and repeated the process. 
Nasty Shrimp Pop Ups Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
These little carp really don’t like their picture taken, they really put up a fight on the bank and off. The rods went back out again with the same method of fishing, as it was clearly working and I didn’t want to change anything. I put the kettle on to warm me up and was assessing the water, waiting for the next capture. It was very quiet across the lake, I had only seen two other anglers catch. At this point it was fairly busy being a Sunday, a lot of angling pressure, but not on my side. Talking of quiet it didn’t last too long, my left hand rod was in melt down and this carp really did put up a wicked battle. To my amazement it wasn’t another common, I saw it as the carp came to the surface and over the net cord. There’s not a lot of mirror carp in this lake and this one turned out to be the biggest of the session! 
Scoberry Pop Ups Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits Scoberry Pop Ups Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Scoberry Pop Ups Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
With 4 carp under my belt it’s safe to say the day was going really well! Well you know there’s 2 more carp to come and not much else happened that’s exciting so we will skip to near the end and I landed 2 more commons, same method again, Scoberry and Nasty Shrimp pop ups doing the job for me today ! 
Nasty Shrimp Pop Ups Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Now I did mention it being a bad ending and it really was a bad ending.. with all the gear packed in the car I was on my way home, a 45 min journey, and I had a terrible pain in my side! I was vomiting and all sorts. I got back home to my partner and my son, explained it to her and she decided to call 111. I had to be seen within a hour at the hospital. We drove there and it resulted in my appendix giving up on me and I had to have an operation! So now I’m signed off for 2 weeks! But what a session to end on! I can’t wait to be fully recovered and hit the bank again. Massive respect to the other Successful Baits UK Team Members for their support, big ups to everyone. 
Hope you enjoyed my read drop a like and comment . 
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