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Hi guys it’s Harry from Successful Baits and this is my write up of my family fishing adventure to my new club lake. The previous night I had set my alarm for 6 o’clock with every intention of setting off early to catch some carp. I'd only fished this lake once before so getting there early would give me plenty of time to learn a little more about the lake, by walking around and checking swims out etc., having a lead around and generally assessing the swim lake bed etc.. 
Harry Stirling Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
However, when my alarm went off it just didn’t feel right, so I decided against the idea of setting off out fishing. My son woke up around 8 o’clock and he was up for it and my partner was to, so that being said I was more up for the idea. I quickly loaded the car we all got ready for our adventure out with the mission being "catch a carp." 
With the chosen venue only being 23 minutes up the road we soon got there. We pulled in to this stunning pit lake with views of some dead trees, along with full grown mature trees and reed beds everywhere - I do love it here! With the pleasure of being able to park at your swim we drove round the lake. Now, only being my second trip here I don’t know a huge amount about the pegs and hot spots, but peg 6 looked great especially as there were showing carp in the area! One of the things I’ve found out about the lake is that it’s only around 5ft deep and with all this heat we've had it could turn the fish off. However, it wasn’t extremely hot today so getting the carp to get their heads down shouldn’t be too much of a problem. 
Harry Stirling Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Now the water colour is very murky so I felt that hi-vis baits would work and give me that little assurance that the carp could see it through that cloudy water. On the other I had a VNX+ pop up, again fishing the same rig and same tackle. I then made a couple of PVA bags of crushed and chopped Scopex Pro boilies and the Monster Crab - one being a light colour and the other dark, but strong smells! This way I know I have some freebies around my hookbait. I sat back for 5 or so minutes and chose my spots. A little out of casting distance I put my waders on and got in. Like I said, it’s only around 5ft deep and I walked out about 50 yards and cast my rod to where I felt good. I was in and out the water a lot with my spodding and getting both rods out so may have made some disturbance .. some hours had passed by with nothing but a few bleeps. 
Time had flown by with me messing around with my son, drawing in the dirt with sticks and playing around .. out of nowhere this dog appeared and was soon followed its owner. It happened to be the gentlemen fishing the peg to my left. With very little said about this lake and other anglers not wanting to share their success or tips, I thought I’d ask him anyway .. sure enough he was super cool and spilled the background of this beautiful pit. Telling me lake records and bite times and other useful information I could absorb from him. Now with every lake comes a legend and a tale .. every lake has one and what he told me blew me away. How true it is I don’t know, but I sure would love to hook into it! Rumours of a very large catfish and a couple of dark old commons fetching the whopping 30lb mark. This place just got better! I was invited into his peg where he showed me some wicked spots and other useful tips. 
I headed back to my swim after being told bite time is around 4 o’clock onwards. I had planned to leave about 4 but we decided to stay till around 5.  
It was now 3 o’clock, close to bite time and I decided to make a couple of PVA bags and re-position the rod to where I had seen some activity on the far side again. Back in the water and getting the rods as close to them as I could, I tightened my clutch and sat on the rods. 
My son had been asking all day "when are we going to catch a fish daddy" and with the answer being "soon" each time, I felt I had to really catch one to make him happy!  
We sat and played and had cuddles on the chair . 4oclock was approaching and fuelled with excitement and determination I was very confident of a bite!  
3:45 and my right hand rod melted off! With the bite alarm singing and dancing, along with my son, I felt more than happy. I struck into the fish and it felt like a decent carp! It took me into a weed bed. With the aid of my partner getting my left hand rod in and out the way and my son getting my net, I played the fish with care and finally got it free from the weed! The fight was on!  
He came in rather easy which made me think it was a bream, until it was a rod length out and decided to really kick up, with splashing and crashing and giggles in the back ground the mood was amazing! I knew at that point this was no bream and no big carp but definitely a carp as I could see the beautiful scale pattern cross my net cord!  
Fish is in the net! I was so excited and happy to have caught my 1st fish from this pit lake and for my son to experience and be part of it was just amazing! We safely got him out of the water and into the cradle. My son come over and as I lifted the beautiful 8lb14oz linear we got a long awaited picture together.  
Overall, a successful day with Successful Baits.. mission complete. We put Mr Carp back and with the mission being achieved decided to pack away and set off home. It’s one day I won’t forget, a great day spent with my family fishing creating everlasting memories and good times . 
I soon set up my gear and the fish seemed to have moved out pretty far. Perhaps I made a little too much noise setting up, but that can’t be helped with my three year old son helping! With the fish out the way I got some prepared hemp into my bucket, cracked open a tin of corn and dusted the mix with some chilli powder. I spodded this out around my swim, not overly fussed on being too accurate with them all as I like to have some bait kicking around the whole swim to keep them moving in and out and keep them busy feeding. I then set about preparing my chosen rigs. Now this is an old pit so extremely soft bottomed with patches of weed kicking around, surrounded by trees so there’s bound to be some snags closer in. I made my hooklinks around the 7 to 8 inch mark, using the ESP Tungsten loaded semi stiff coated hook link, a size 7 Atomic Tackle grabba hook, with the chosen rig being a multi rig I feel these components work well for me. On one rig I had the bright pink Nasty Shrimp neon pop up topped with an artificial corn.  
Harry Stirling Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits Nasty Shrimp Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits Nasty Shrimp Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
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