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Hi guys it’s Harry from Successful Baits - this is my write up of my return visit to Float Fish Farm for another exciting 24 hours! It was my 1st time fishing Sand Lake last time and I decided to fish the same lake again. 
So after my previous session, knowing that the fish like the far reed margins and anywhere that seemed to be difficult to get a rig, and knowing what the bottom of the lake is like, sandy silt with some clay areas, fairly clear and clean, I went with a different approach. Bigger boilies and brighter colours, but we will get onto that later. 
Harry Stirling Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
The night before the session I had so much to prepare and get ready, such as charging the cameras and go pros etc, sorting rigs, getting my luggage and tackle ready. I also had a hour and fifteen minute journey in the morning in the opposite direction to the venue to go pick a mate up, who was also booked onto Sand Lake with me and two others! There’re 5 pegs on the lake and me and 3 others booked, so we pretty much had the lake to ourselves. David was on peg 2, Wayne on peg 3, myself on peg 4 and Trewy on peg 5, where I caught that 18lb 6oz common on my first session. 
Anyway, morning came and I was up at 6. I loaded the car and set off on my hour and fifteen minute journey. The drive was fine and easy, no traffic at all. I got to my friends house and he was super excited as he hadn’t fished this lake before! He knew what treasures lurked the depths and was itching to get there. Unfortunately I had a couple more jobs to do while I was in the area, as well as pay my respects to my Grandad, one of the hardest days I’ve ever had at that point! I wasn’t up for fishing after that experience, but, after picking my friend up and knowing the other lads would be there for 1 o’clock, I continued on the journey. We got to my house so I could get changed into my fishing gear. I made a quick call to the boss at Successful Baits (Uwe) as I needed some bait and, again, to borrow the rod pod, which he kindly allowed me to do. I soon arrived at Sawtry and with too many goodies to choose from, and smelling the products and talking and everything else a carp freak would do, I ended up running an hour behind schedule! I eventually set off with 2.5kg of 18mm Scopex Pro and 2.5kg of 18mm Monster Crab! New baits that I hadn’t yet tried and they smelled amazing to say the least! 
We arrived at Float Fish Farm and got the gear out as fast as we could! By this point my two other friends hadn’t had anything so we hadn't missed much. I got both rods out and rigged up with blow back rigs on both with a drop off lead clip system, the same approach as before, only different bait for now. I used Monster Crab 18mm on one, topped with a large floating artificial corn. The other with Scopex Pro, also topped with a large floating grain of corn and both with solid PVA bags of some freebie whole and chopped boilies, along with 6-8mm pellets. I flicked the rods out only a couple rod lengths with the hope of a quick bite while I set up my living space for the next 24 hours! 
Unfortunately nothing had happened whilst I was setting up the bivvy and equipment, so I got the kettle on and made myself a drink. I then had a walk around to say hello to everyone and see how they were getting on, what their approach was and general chit chat. As I was doing the rounds I finally made it to my friend David, who was hooked into a fish!! I grabbed the landing net with excitement and after a few minutes of David playing the fish I managed to net a stunning grass carp. After taking a few shots of it and safely putting it back, I started really observing the lake and assessing my next move. There were no signs of any fish! With Sand Lake you have to pre-book your peg so it’s difficult to get on them, it’s more trying to attract them. Knowing the water is murky, I liked the thought of a Nasty Shrimp bright pink pop up! So, I made a multi rig using the esp tungsten loaded semi stiff, stripped back about 4 inches so there was a break before the hook to give it movement. A size 6 curve shank hook, a couple blobs of lead putty, one small blob on the coated part of the hook link, next to the break, and one larger blob half way up. The larger one sinks quicker and the weight of the small blob pushes it out, so lays perfectly! I tried this in the margins and trust me, it works! I then sat for about a hour just looking at the lake seeing what looked good. I decided to place that right at the far margins, just short of the reeds, knowing this can be a productive spot. I had a couple test casts and got it there or thereabouts, fell short about a foot. I loosened the clutch, dragged a foot out clipped up and it was spot on!!! I walked around the other side of the lake and threw in a few handfuls of boilies, pellets and corn. My second rod was about 9ft to the left of me in the deep margins, baited up with the same. 
Nasty Shrimp Pop Ups Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Time went so fast and after having a good catch up with mates and some banging food, before I knew it, it was time to get my head down, with the hope of a wake-up call! Around 12:30 my friend Trewy woke me up with the words "bruv, I got a nice common in the net". I replied "no you haven’t, go away". After a few moments of him pestering me I got up and sure enough, he had a wicked looking common weighing in at 20lb 4oz! I helped him with the torch and took some snaps before getting myself back to bed hoping it would be my turn for a night time surprise. Morning was here and unfortunately I had not been rewarded with anything. My other friend, Wayne, had a mid double common and again I helped with the netting of that. So no fish for me as of yet! I had tried the Monster Crab and I had tried the Scopex Pro and the Nasty Shrimp. I got the kettle on and came up with a new plan - back to what I know works, only without the CalaFrutti - just a VNX + wafter on the multi rig I made. Again, still at the reeds as I was confident in that spot, and I had baited it up, it was only a matter of time. A couple hours had passed and I was over at my friend Trewy's bivvy to the left of me when I was blessed with the scream of a Nash siren!!!! I ran to my rods and struck into what felt like a lump. My friend was there to help me, my rod was bent over so much, and that’s when I knew that this was something special for me! With adrenaline pumping and knees shaking, I took my time, and after 13 or so minutes Trewy netted this stunning carp for me! As he peered over the net he said, "that looks like a PB for you!" I couldn’t even look, I was way too excited. As I got myself prepared for the camera, the carp was resting in the sling. I carried it over to the cradle and we weighed it and sure enough, it was a PB! A stunning Mirror weighing in at 20lb10oz! 
VNX+ Wafter Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Nasty Shrimp Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits VNX+ Wafter Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits VNX+ Wafter Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
We took some pictures and then released her back to the depths of this amazing lake. I got my rod straight back on the spot and prayed there were a few more milling around the area. 
Hours had passed and it was time to pack up. With the bivvy down and most the car packed, I had to do the most awful thing every angler hates ... get the rods in. Packed up and loaded I set off on my long travels to drop Trewy off. I decided to pit stop at mine, unload my gear and pick up my youngest for a ride out. Traffic was carnage on the motorway so we ended up going to Luton the back way through Wobourn. I showed my son the deers and reindeers, and we stopped off at a couple lakes to have a walk round. I think we have found our next lake!  
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