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Hello boys and girls, it’s Harry from Successful Baits UK with another mega successful session. This session is on the new club lake again. This was my 2nd session on there and I must say it was a great present off my partner, we caught on that small 2 ½ hour trip there for the 1st time, so I was over the moon. But this session guys was truly incredible and one to remember. Today me and my small family created beautiful and unforgettable memories! 
Harry Stirling Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
It’s so difficult to know where to start with this session but I will just begin by saying a massive thank you to Successful Baits UK as I wouldn’t have had such a great time without the team support I’ve kindly been given. After a small break from fishing due to a loss in the family and a very poorly loved one, I just wasn’t in the fishing spirit. I tried but couldn’t concentrate and was not putting my all into fishing so I’d become very careless and one dimensional and I didn’t adapt to different environments or venues etc. So, thank you all massively for supporting me and giving me the time to get my head back in the game. So anyway, with all that out the way, I’ve made a great come back with a bang, or bangers I guess, catching 6 pristine beauties, really, really lovely carp and with my loved ones, what could be better than that! 
On this session my partner joined me as she does like the fishing and my 4 year old son, Dylan, came along. Now as I’m sure you parents out there who do have young children around that age know, your session is not going to last as long as you hope! So, with that in mind I knew I had to go to this new lake and put a lot of work into a short session to get the most out of the few hours a 4 year old will last in a brolly system and running about. We loaded the car and set off on our travels, only 15 minutes up the road. When we got there we had a walk around the venue but didn’t really see many signs of carp to be honest - a few definite feeding bubbles and unfortunately we spooked one, again as to be expected with a youngster it’s very hard to stay quiet bless his heart, but it’s all part of it. We decided to set up where we spooked the carp. Now, some might say that’s stupid as the carp has bolted off and gone but, the carp was definitely feeding so that tells me (1) There’s bait down there (2) It’s a clear spot (3) There’s potentially more than 1 carp there (4) They were happy to feed in the margin. 
With all these in mind we set up really quickly, using a Ronnie rig to present our Seafood pop ups, we put one rod near enough on the spot where we spooked the carp the best I could, very tight to the margin with a few handfuls of CalaFrutti Travellers over the top and some high oil trout pellet and I was as good as fishing. The second rod was exactly the same tactics only with a Nasty Shrimp pop up, the rest of the baiting up etc was the same, about 2/3 rod lengths apart. After about 40 minutes of being in the water fishing those wary carp showed themselves and not far from my spots either. I was very excited as any angler would be fishing a new venue for only the second time. 
A further 20 minutes had passed by so we were about 1 hour into the session and finally I got the most violent take I’ve ever experienced!  
My left-hand rod honestly nearly went in the lake! This carp bolted like no other! My heart was in my mouth as I lifted into a surprise to be completely honest, just a dead weight, no fight whatsoever, I just reeled this beauty in and straight over the net cord with no drama. I peered over the net and I nearly fell over, just by looking at the top of this scaley carp I thought I had caught my target fish, which is the biggest in the lake! I called an angler over who was in the peg down from me and even he said “mate, I think you’ve only gone and done it!” Mega !!!!!  
Well unfortunately, when I got this stunning carp into the cradle we both knew it wasn’t her, but I couldn’t be sad about it as this carp was absolutely ridiculous, such a great looking specimen weighing in at a respectable 22lb 4oz, a new PB for me. 
Seafood Pop Ups Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
It was quite clear the spot was rocking so I stuck to the game plan and put the rod back out there with a couple more handfuls of freebies and we were fishing again. My partners rod had been super quiet, no liners or bleeps, so we decided to move it a little further afield and then catapulted a decent amount of boilies over the top. She must have landed on one, no joke, after 5 minutes of being in the water she was away. A couple of times she did ask for a bit of help but I kept reassuring her that she was doing just fine without me. She played the carp very well and kept saying to me “it’s heavy this one, not like other ones I’ve caught, this is heavy”. She’s only small, bless her, and she started to moan that her arm was aching but it wasn’t much longer and I netted the carp for her, and I must say I was slightly jealous! It was definitely a PB for her too, weighing in at a respectable 19lb 6oz and a beautiful carp too. She was over the moon and my son was really happy for her too. He helped me set the camera up while she sorted the carp out. He got in the shot and I took some pictures for her and she is still buzzing to this day. 
Seafood Pop Ups Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
I’ve had all mine on the Seafood boilie and my partner had hers on the Nasty Shrimp pink neon pop up, good times! I got the rod back out fishing and I was tying some rigs up for the next session and sorting through my tackle box. We had been at the lake around 3 ½ hours at this point and sure enough I was in again! This one snagged me up in some reeds and I held the pressure on for a good couple minutes but nothing so I undid the clutch and slacked off the line and put the rod back on the rest, watching the line very carefully for any signs of movement. I really wasn’t sure if I was still connected to the carp to be honest, but the line pulled tight so I struck into it again and sure enough with the line being slack he came out of the reeds and thought he was loose. He tightened up rather quickly and the battle continued. This carp took me a fair while to get in, a very hard fighting warrior this one. As it got closer to me I saw it was a common and a nice one too. I was very excited to get this one in as it’s my 1st common from this venue and honestly, the carp I had had earlier that session were stunning but for some reason this common carp is mine and my sons favourite, such a pretty, dark looking carp, we named this one Rambo, weighing in at 15lb 14oz, a lovely mid double this one. I got some more beautiful pictures with my son and slipped it back with the hope that we see Rambo again in the near future. 
Seafodd Pop Ups Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Seafood Pop Ups Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
After some quick pics we safely put this carp back, got the rod on the money again and we were fishing. A couple more handfuls of freebies over the top again and then I sat back and admired the photos I got of me and my son with that stunning carp.  
While flicking through those pictures my left-hand rod was away again, the Seafood doing the bizz for me again.  
And again it was another violent take but this carp had some fight still left in it so I could tell it was a bit smaller. After a short battle we got this one out and it although it only weighed in at around 13lb it was a really nice grey colour, me and my son called him slate grey.  
I hope we catch him again at some point, it was a very nice carp which we all liked. After a few quick snap shots and sent him off on his travels. 
Nasty Shrimp Pop Up Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Such a great session so far, 3 fish, two PB’s and we are all happy. The poor guy next to us hadn’t had a bite. Me being me, I felt extremely bad so I wandered over there and asked him if he would like to come fish in my swim for a while and get a couple. He replied “no, don’t be silly, but I will have some advice and tips off you”. So after around a ½ hour chat and some bait exchanged, I felt confident that he would catch. Just as I turned to go back to my swim my left-hand rod was away, the 4th fish.  
My partner was chilling on the moon chair with my son watching a film on the iPad while I was playing this carp. It felt a really nice one to be fair, very hard fighting, a vicious head banger which kept rolling over the line and all sorts. It was a very on edge battle but it seemed to run out of fight fairly quickly and was soon netted and I was presented with this stunning linear carp, dark top and light bottom, the mouth was pristine. 
A hard fighting fish in very good condition, I was very happy. And weighing in at 18lb 7oz what a session this has turned out to be. 
Seafood Pop Ups Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
The Seafood boilies are really something else, 4 fish to me on them in such short time, 4 hours into a session you know, my confidence was sky high. My partners rod was quiet but after her PB she was happy to chill with Dylan and just enjoy the day for what it was. 
I told the angler next to me that I was going to pack up and he should jump in on my spot. As quick as you could say ‘mirror carp’ he was there, and rightfully so, with one rod reeled in already I only had one out there while packing down and I told him my spots and where I have been baiting etc and been catching from and while doing this my rod went into melt down and the alarms were singing and dancing.  
A fairly quick battle and help with the net off my new friend I landed this cool looking mirror carp, again another low double but a grey one like the second one we had, slate grey, so we obviously called this one ‘baby grey’.  
I slipped it back and Stuart put his rod on the spot and I kid you not it ripped off before he put the bobbin on and he caught a mega incredible 2 tone common carp weighing 20lb on the button. His 1st fish of the session all day on a VNX+ pop up and I couldn’t be happier for him. I helped him net this amazing carp and we shook hands and the friendship began. 
I felt amazing, I had helped someone catch and told them my spots and tactics and shared my knowledge. You know, some people don’t do things like this but I will, and am more than happy to help anyone catch and give them as much information as I can, and knowledge and time etc. So any questions please ask me as I’m more than happy to spend my time making someone happy, life is too short. 
Guys I’m going to end the session there. We packed up and loaded the car, Stuart had added me on Facebook and we will be good friends and will sort a session out together. Again I want to say a massive thank you to the team at Successful Baits UK, a huge thank you to Stuart, and of course my beautiful youngest son for being there on such an incredible day and for being so well behaved and joining in. And of course, I can’t forget my amazing lady for taking my pictures and catching her PERSONAL BEST... so well done, I love you. 
Thank you for reading guys and girls. 
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