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Hi guys it’s Harry from Successful Baits and this is a write up of my time on North View Lakes in Spalding, Lincolnshire. 
Harry Stirling Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Me and a friend had this trip planned for months as a birthday bash. Before I knew it my alarm was buzzing, just like my mood! And no, not my bite alarm, my alarm clock, bright and early at half past six. I met my friend, David, at his house and we loaded the car and set off on our journey to North View Lake in Spalding, Lincolnshire. This was a new water and a new challenge and I was proper excited. After a 40 minute journey, spent working out how we would tackle this water, we soon arrived. We had a good walk around and finally picked a peg to set up camp for the next 24hrs. 
CalaFrutti Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
I set up my bivvy and sleeping arrangements and I must say the weather wasn’t kind to us! We had full force wind all day and night and we had rain! It was madness, but I loved every minute of it. 
I was sticking to my game plan of not moving or recasting. I was happy with the spots I’d found and felt confident, especially in my bait choice. I was using a PVA bag on all three rods with pellet and chopped boilies. I was also throwing in handfuls of freebies every few hours. 
CalaFrutti Wafter Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
I sat down and made up a few rigs, nothing too complex, just bottom bait blowback rigs. Just opposite my peg was a lovely island with over hanging trees. It looked perfect for a bite so that’s where I placed my 1st rod. My other 2 rods went out in the open on a couple hard spots I found leading around with my marker. I had a CalaFrutti boilie on one rod, a CalaFrutti boilie topped with a CalaFrutti dumbel on the second and on my 3rd rod I had the infamous VNX+ wafter. 
CalaFrutti Boiies Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits CalaFrutti Boilies Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
As the day came to an end and the night was drawing in we'd had nothing, not even a beep or a sign of fish, no shows or bubbles or activity. It was soon time to hit the sack. I woke up at sun rise, around half six. Getting up to put the kettle on, I decided to leave the rods for half an hour whilst I sorted myself out. After my cup of tea and pot noodle, which was banging, I pulled my rods in. I put fresh hook baits and PVA bags on, dipped my hook baits in the CalaFrutti dip and got all then re-cast them to the same spots with the fresh hook baits. My mate at this point had moved from the left of me to the right to try another area. I was still confident my spot looked and felt like it would hold fish in these conditions. With cat fish to 60lb and carp to 40lb I was still buzzing at the thought of hooking one of these lake treasures. A couple of hours passed by really quickly and it was nearly time to pack up, when my Nash siren started singing and dancing!! Line was ripping off and I was in to what felt a very nice fish. After 10 minutes of playing this fish it soon showed and I was happy to say I had caught a stunning mirror carp. It was by no means a lake gem but nearly hitting the 15lb mark I was over the moon . It wasn’t a wasted journey and I had caught a carp . MISSION COMPLETE . Thank you North View Lake . 
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