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Ah Vermuyden, the venue that holds my UK PB Mirror, UK PB Common, and laid host to my most successful overnighter. So when I was organising a 48hr session with SB UK boss Uwe, Vermuyden was the first place that came to mind. 
carp fishing bait successful baits
I met Uwe at Mallard Lake on the Stanwick complex, where I had just done a quick night, and a 45-minute drive later we were at the gates of Fenland Fishery. Upon arrival, things were looking extremely positive. Two youngsters fishing in peg 1 and 2 had informed us that they had caught three between them in the last hour and a half, and the third angler on the complex landed a mid-double common as we were chatting to him in his swim. On top of that, as we were walking back to the car, we saw another carp being hauled out in peg 1. 5 fish had been landed in the last 2 hours and plenty of sizeable carp could be seen showing and cruising in the upper layers. We were expecting quite a hectic 48hrs. 
However, as you may know, nothing in life is ever certain and the session did not unfold as we had anticipated. Based on the evidence of heavily feeding fish, I baited along the bay in which I was fishing with large quantities of VNX+ 18mm Shelflife boilies and sweetcorn, and then spread around half a kilo of CalaFrutti 14mm Shelflife boilies towards the island in front of me. The plan was to keep the bait trickling in over these spots and, hopefully, enjoy a frantic few days of fishing. 
As the hours passed, Uwe and I began to get itchy feet. Not a single fish had been caught amongst the now 7 anglers (including ourselves) on the lake, which was drastically different to what had unfolded in the very recent past. Personally, I believe that the hot weather and high air pressure, along with high angling pressure, were putting the fish off of the feed. We prayed that, as evening closed in, the fish would feel confident in feeding again and we would be in for a action packed night. 
Evening came and darkness began to fall, with still no fish for any of the anglers on the lake. Typical, literally as soon as we had cast our first rod in, the fishing seemed to have died a death. Around 8pm, the anglers in peg 1 and 2 landed a decent mirror, which was then followed by my alarms sounding. I felt a sense of relief as Uwe slipped the net under a slate-grey, near twenty-pound mirror, which had fallen to a CalaFrutti bottom bait and Scoberry Pop-Up snowman presentation. The night would surely bring more action. 
carp fishing bait successful baits
With a change in wind direction around mid-morning and the youngster in peg 2 catching a gnarly-looking twenty pound Ghostie, fishing into a wind beaten corner, Uwe and I decided to spend the day fishing on the opposite bank. It looked as if the carp had followed the wind and fishing into it would be our best bet for the day. 
After an afternoon fishing in our new spots, we returned to basecamp empty handed. Disheartened but not defeated, we flicked the rods back out, and within a few hours I had a stunning upper double common in my hands, this fish again falling to the mighty CalaFrutti. The fish was immaculate and I was feeling a bit remorseful that we hadn’t spent the day in our original swims, as it seemed as though the fish had been over our baited spots. 
carp fishing bait successful baits
Shortly before 4am, I was disturbed from my slumber by the screech of my receiver. Upon awakening, I realised I was absolutely drenched and my brolly had not lasted the night. I quickly played the fish and kept it in the landing net for an hour or so to see if the rain died down. I packed all of my gear under the brolly as best I could and huddled under it, feeling a bit sorry for myself. The rain died down at around 5:30am and I was able to get a few shots before slipping the carp back. I was exhausted and soaked, and was ready to go home. As daylight came, we quickly packed up and said goodbye to Vermuyden. As we were leaving, plenty of fish began showing again, perhaps enjoying the cooler weather and drop in air pressure. Just our luck, we had fished for the worst 48hrs possible and it looked as if the lake was beginning to turn on again with our departure. 
Although the fishing was nowhere near as prolific as the red letter day session I had the previous year, I still feel as though the CalaFrutti bait range proved its worth in this session. Like with my previous adventure on Vermuyden, all my fish fell to CalaFrutti, and with only 6 fish caught on the whole lake amongst the 7 or 8 anglers fishing during the 48hrs we fished, and 4 of them falling to my rods, it goes to show that if you want a killer session on Vermuyden, take a few kilos of CalaFrutti boilies with you! 
After a very long week at work, I slept like a baby until 8am the next morning. Once again, I opted against bringing a bivvy and opted to travel light with just my 60-inch brolly, but knowing it would not rain in the night, I didn’t even bother putting the brolly up, and I enjoyed another peaceful night under the stars. When I had finally risen, I was shocked to discover that my bobbins had not moved in the night, and neither had Uwe’s. Uwe had been chatting to the other fisherman on Vermuyden and none of them had caught either. After my epic previous session on the lake, I was struggling to understand what to do to entice another bite. 
Thankfully, just as I was preparing some scrambled eggs for breakfast, the same CalaFrutti/Scoberry snowman rod fished towards the island showed signs of life, and a 15lbs mirror was soon photographed after a short battle. Perhaps the day would bring some more action than we had experienced so far. 
carp fishing bait successful baits
With the capture of the fish came some unfortunate news from Uwe, a big storm was going to be passing over us, and I was criminally under prepared for rain, with only a large unhooking matt and 60-inch brolly for protection. I set myself up to be shielded from the rain as best I could, but I knew that I’d be in for a restless night. The rain began to fall at around 9pm, and surprisingly, my makeshift shelter was performing okay. I feel asleep to the sound of giant rain drops bombarding against my flimsy brolly cover. 
carp fishing bait successful baits carp fishing bait successful baits
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