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I was looking for a venue to do an overnighter before meeting up with a friend for a 48-hour guest session on his syndicate, and he recommended Vermuyden as a place to get a bend in the rod. Vermuyden, once an easy runs-water, is now a moderate difficulty carp lake on the Fenland Fisheries complex in Cambridgeshire. However, upon arrival, I was concerned to hear that nothing had really been out for a couple of days and that since the lake was extended 18 months previous, it has become a bit harder to fish. 
carp fishing bait successful baits
Always up for a challenge, and armed with a few kilos of a new bait for me, CalaFrutti, I decided to give it my best go. In order to make my boilie look as harmless as possible, I didn’t go with an overly complicated hook bait – simply fishing with a straight boilie on the hair with a piece of cork screwed in to negate the weight of the hook. I also washed my baits out by leaving them in a bucket of water on the lake side for a few hours in order to make these now-wary carp feel more confident in taking a bait. 
I fished in a peg that gave me access to the two bodies of water, and fished one rod in the quieter bay of water and the other at the point where the fish swim between the two sections of the lake. I baited up with a scattering of half a kilo of bait over the two spots and cast out IQ D rigs on the spots.  
Within an hour of casting out I had a scraper 20, a beautiful, scaley mirror that was carrying some beautiful, late-spring colours. The bite came from the point spot, so I assumed fish were on the move around the lake, picking up the odd bait. I topped up the swim with another 15 or so baits and cast back out a fresh rig. 
It didn’t take long for the next bite, a 17lbs common. The hook was so far in the back of the carp’s throat that I had to get extra long nose pliers to unhook it – you could tell that these fish really loved CalaFrutti, and I was starting to love it too! 
As darkness fell, so did the rain. The bivvy flooded and I had to balance everything on top of a large food box I had brought and on the bed chair to save it being soaked. Thankful I had caught two nice fish already, I just tried to keep everything as dry as possible and carry on. Through the rain, the night period resulted in two spectacular fish. They were both mirrors, one weighing in at 28lbs, and one slightly higher. I could tell from the fight and the way it ploughed around the margin in front that it would be a special fish. When it slipped into the net, I looked down and knew I had beaten my old PB. On the scales, the fish spun around and settled on 31lbs 7oz, a new UK PB! 
This was the heaviest in the lake and I was over the moon with it. But this wasn’t everything that CalaFrutti had to offer me. I followed the thirty with another PB! A UK PB common graced my net at first light at 26lbs 5oz. Scale-perfect, I was slightly disappointed that it wasn’t heavier, as it looked much larger, but as it was another PB, I wasn’t complaining. Finally, an hour before I left at 11am, I had another mirror at 23lbs, that really topped off the session for me. 
carp fishing bait successful baits
A beautiful low 20 to start the session 
carp fishing bait successful baits
A new UK PB for me – 31lbs 7oz! 
carp fishing bait successful baits
A UK PB common, but how was it not even bigger? 
In the end, I had 6 fish, all but one over 20lbs. I was thrilled with this, as I expected to catch nothing but low doubles with little skill, as can be the case in many runs waters. On top of this, not only did I have 2 new PBs, but I also found a new favourite bait, CalaFrutti. The mix of fishmeal and fruit in the 
bait is something that is uncommon in the UK market, and the fish go crazy for it! If you are going to use one bait this year, I recommend CalaFrutti in 18mm, it is a phenomenal boilie that I am confident in using on any lake in the country. 
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