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Arriving at the club lake at about midday, I was disappointed to find that the area that I had leaded around to find spots, and pre baited with 14mm Scoberry and VNX+ boilies on the previous evening had someone fishing in. This surprised me slightly as the lake is normally quiet and the majority of the time you have the lake to yourself. After speaking to the angler I learnt that he’d had two mid double commons from the areas that I had baited. I walked round the lake to meet the other two members of the team, one of whom was fishing, and one was joining me for the session. After speaking to them I was confident for a bite or two as the lake had produced three fish that day. 
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Myself and Nathan did a lap of the lake looking for any signs of fish, but by now the wind had increased massively and we couldn’t see any. The wind was so strong and cold that we decided against setting up in the pre-baited swim as it would have been blowing straight into our faces. Instead we chose a swim that was sheltered from the wind by trees, and was much warmer than the others, but not too far away from the baited area, or the deeper water. I leaded around to find two spots and found them amongst the dying weed on the right of the swim, one in the margin close to the reeds, and one close to a set of dying lilies, 10 wraps out, where I had baited on the previous night. 
With the rods wrapped up to the spots I decided that I would use pop ups on both with a multi rig, and a small PVA mesh of 4 crushed boilies. The rod to the margin spot went out with a 16mm Scoberry pop up and took me 4 or 5 under arm casts to flick the bait out to a spot I was happy with. The left hand rod went out with a 16mm VNX+ pop up and could not have gone out any better. With both rods on spots that I was happy with, I catapulted a small handful of freebies over the top, maybe 8-10 baits, and with the traps set I retreated into my bivvy to try and warm up slightly and shelter from the wind. 
As the night rolled in, the wind dropped off almost completely and the temperature rose slightly. Just as me and Nathan were sat on our bed chairs having a chat, one of my rods screamed off and I sprang into life, running down the bank to my rods. It wasn’t until I got almost next to my rods I could see which one it was in the darkness. As I picked up and struck into my left hand rod I realised that I’d left my head torch in the bivvy and shouted for Nathan to help. As I brought the fish closer to me I could tell that it wasn’t a monster, and it didn’t put up much of a fight. I slipped it into the net and the common weighed in at just under 11lbs. We wasted no time in capturing a few pictures of the fish and slipping it back to get the rod back into the water with a fresh bait and PVA mesh. Although the fish wasn’t a chunk I was still buzzing to have put one on the bank in the winter months, and to have started the year off with a fish, completely the opposite to how 2017 had finished for me. 
VNX+ PopUps Scoberry Boilies Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
The rest of the night passed by quietly for me with the only other action being a couple of beeps at about midnight, which did not amount to anything. As morning rolled round I toyed with the idea of having a recast but decided against it as ‘bite time’ for this lake was approaching. This however, sadly passed by without a bite. I was still pleased with how the session had turned out for me and over the moon with how the year had started off, making me even keener to get out for another session at the next opportunity, and hopefully to land a few more fish. 
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