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After joining an angling club earlier in the week, I was keen to get out on one of the four lakes for a 24 hour session. Having only had a brief walk around the lake previously to this session, and not really knowing anything about the lake at all, I was unsure as to how to approach the fishing and what to expect from it. 
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I arrived at the lake a little bit later into the evening than I would have liked, due to work commitments, so I was concerned as to how busy the venue may have been. But as I approached the lake I could see that it was pretty much empty, meaning little pressure due to other anglers, and my pick of where I wanted to fish. 
Before getting my kit from the car I took the time to have a slow walk around the lake looking for any signs of fish, or areas that I felt might have held fish. Without really seeing anything that I was happy with from this, I decided to set up in a the swim in the deeper end looking back down the length of the lake, as I felt that this would give me a good spot to see where the fish may have been, and to possibly consider moving later. 
I got the rods out into spots that I was happy with. One with a 14mm VNX+ bottom bait topped with half a VNX+ pop up tight to some pads in the margin, and one with a 14mm Red Spice Fish bottom bait topped with half a Red Spice Fish pop up 7 rod lengths out, close to a weed bed on a clear spot. Both rods also had a PVA mesh consisting of pellets and crushed boilies attached, and a few handfuls of boilies spread around the spots. Within minutes the rod close to the weed bed was away, but as soon as I lifted the rod I knew that it was not good. Bream. The PVA hadn’t even had the chance to melt fully. I got the rod back out on the same spot with a fresh mesh and re-baited the area. Half an hour passed and the same rod screamed off again. As I picked up and struck into the fish I knew that this time it was a carp. The fight lasted maybe 15 seconds before it managed to slip the hook and leave me with my head in my hands. But I wasted no time in checking the rig, re-baiting and getting the rod back on the spot. 
An hour passed without any luck, but the fish had started to show on the surface. I decided to bait a sport further out with a couple of handfuls of boilies where I had seen a couple of fish roll and leave it until just before dark to place a rig on it. I moved the rod on the edge of the pads onto this spot, as nothing had happened from there. Half past 10 came round and the rod went screaming off again. This time the fight lasted the distance until the fish slipped over the net cord. I had my first fish from the lake in my net, a 15lb common, and I was buzzing. 
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After slipping this fish back I made the decision to not re-cast the rods, as the fish had gone through my line, leaving me in a bit of a tangle, and due to my lack of sleep, I think I was making it worse. 
I woke in the morning later than I would have liked and got the rods back out onto the same spots. The morning passed without as much as a beep on the rods. But other anglers further down the lake were landing fish. I decided I needed to move, and chose a spot at the other end of the lake. The rods went out close to the reeds on the opposite bank. A few hours passed without anything so I decided to change my approach. I changed my bait to VNX+ on both rods, one with the same approach as before, and one with a single 16mm pop up. Within an hour this rod was nearly pulled off the alarms and into the lake with a vicious take. Unfortunately the fish took me into the reeds and snapped me off. Once again leaving me gutted. But I re-baited the area and got my rod back out. It wasn’t long before the same rod went off again, this time I kept the fish out of the reeds and landed it fairly quickly, this time with a small common of about 8lbs in my net. 
Feeling that my session had been successful I gave it a couple more hours before packing up and going home. But I can’t wait to get back on the bank in pursuit of one of the bigger fish in the lake. 
I got the rod back out and went to bed, I was woken by the rods at half 12 to another take, this time from the rod close to the weed bed, and this time landed a 13lb common, once again over the moon. 
The rod went back out on the spot, along with a couple of handfuls of bait and I went back to bed hoping for another bite in the night. I was woken again at half 3 to yet another take, this time landing a 12lb mirror. 
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