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The morning of the social had arrived and for once it didn’t take much to get me out of bed. Just the thought of getting out on the bank with a good bunch of lads and banking a few fish was enough. With a few hours to kill before the agreed arrival time I decided to go to the supermarket and grab a few items of food, and then on to the tackle shop to grab a few essentials for the session ahead and have a general browse at new tackle that I probably don’t need, but always end up buying, as I’m sure most of us do. I still had an hour or so to kill before setting off for the lake, but I couldn’t wait any longer so I packed the car and set off on the short journey down to the venue. 
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The chosen venue for the 48 hours ahead of us was Vermuyden Lake at Fenland Fisheries, a lake that I think everyone knew well, and had all had success at on previous visits. As I arrived at the lake, I was surprised to see that I was not the first one from the team there, and it wasn’t too long before another team member arrived - it seemed like they were as keen to get out on the bank as I was. 
After a few laps of the lake, and talking to the anglers that were packing away and leaving, it seemed that the lake was fishing well and that we would be in with a good chance of catching a couple. It was decided that to make it fair we would draw for the swims. I drew swim number 2, which is not where I wanted to be. This one had seen constant pressure for the days leading up to our arrival, with little success. Although this was also a swim that I had never fished before, I knew that a couple of the team had, and that they had had a decent amount of success in the past, so I decided to keep an open mind and not let my confidence drop. 
I got my rods from the car and decided to have a quick lead around looking for any harder areas or variations in the lake bed. I found a gravel patch to my right, in the margin between two trees and decided that this would be a good place to start, so I clipped up the rod tight to the bank at 9 and a half wraps and wasted no time in getting a baited rig out there. The left hand rod went out into open water spot, at 9 wraps. The right hand rod went out with a VNX+ 14mm bottom bait on a simple hair rig, and a small PVA mesh filled with crushed Scoberry and VNX+ boilies and VNX+ stick mix for added attraction. Whereas, the left hand rod went out with, again a simple rig, this time for a pop-up presentation, with a Scoberry 16mm pop-up that I had soaked in the matching flavour bait dip for roughly a week previous. This rod also went out with a PVA mesh bag filled with the same mixture as before. Around both rods I catapulted a handful of 14mm Scoberry and VNX+ bottom baits, as tight to the spots as I could. 
The day went by without so much as a bleep on my rods, and no success for any of the other team members and no signs of showing fish either. Until the evening that was, when a couple of the lads positioned on the opposite side of the lake decided to walk around the lake, spooking two fish from the corner margin down to my right and as I walked down to see what the commotion was, I spooked one from under a tree myself. With hope that these fish would return I wasted no time placing a handful of bait into this margin, reeling in the rod out in the open water, and placing my rig close to the reeds, waiting for their return. I didn’t have to wait long before there was activity on the rod, with a few beeps close together. But sadly, by the time I had got to the rod, the only sign of a bite was the rod tips decreasing waving. I knew I had been done, but knowing that there was still plenty of time left in the session I wasn’t too worried. I decided to leave the rod out to not spook any fish that may have been left in the area, instead adding another small handful of bait onto the spot. 
Unfortunately, the first night passed by very quietly for all of the team, with nothing from either of my rods. But I was up at first light to watch the water, reel the rods in, put fresh bait on the rigs and to get them back out on the spots hoping for a morning bite. I decided that I was going to put the rod from the margin spot to my right, back into the spot in the open water, where I had seen a fish roll not long ago, this time with a VNX+ 16mm pop-up and to keep baiting the spot little and often and looking for signs of fish. The morning also passed by quietly and feeling that the time for a bite had probably passed I decided to reel the rods in and look for signs of fish elsewhere in the lake, and to have a chat with the other team members. 
I got the rods back out for the afternoon and sat down for some food. It was strange, but I had a feeling that something was about to happen and couldn’t take my eyes off of the rods. But I convinced myself I needed to eat and cracked open my meal deal. Just as I took the first bite the rod placed tight to the tree line in the margin was away. The bobbin slammed to the top, then dropped and picked up again, but as I lifted the rod, I struck into nothing. I couldn’t believe it, I had been done over again. I got the rod back out after putting on fresh bait and checking the rig for any issues and tucked back into my sandwich, but my appetite had gone. I didn’t have to wait long for something else to get excited about as the left hand rod let out a single beep and the bobbin picked up slightly. The lead had obviously been moved but nothing came of this to my disappointment. Two of the team members had banked themselves a fish each so I was sure that my luck would change, and I too would be able to bank myself a fish. Just before dark I added another small handful of bait to each spot and got my head down for the night. 
The second night also passed by peacefully with the only fish out being a pike, of some size. Again I was up at first light, reeling the rods in, adding fresh bait and getting them back out to the spots. The rod close to the tree line went back out with a snowman bait on the hair consisting of a 14mm VNX+ bottom bait and a 12mm CalaFrutti pop up for a visual aspect, hoping that this would attract a bite. The other rod went back into the margin spot with a single 12mm CalaFrutti pop up also. On both spots I added a couple of handfuls of stick mix hoping that a cloud would be created in the water full of scents to attract the fish in, but with a low content of food meaning that they would be more likely to munch on my hook baits. 
My time to grab a bite was running out and I was now feeling less confident than ever due to the change in weather conditions. Now the wind was blowing directly into my face, and the temperatures had dropped. The other lads had started to pack their kit away and head off home, but I decided that I was going to stick it out right until the last second in hope of a bite. Unfortunately, the rest of the morning passed by quietly with only a couple of liners on both rods. I decided that it was time that I packed up my stuff and headed home with another blank under my belt. 
The winter campaign has not started well for me at all, with a few blanks behind me. But, I’m determined to not let them get the better of me, and to stay confident in what I know as I go back to my club lakes in pursuit of the two named fish. After all, I really believe that even when you blank, you cannot say that you haven’t learnt something new from the session. 
Hopefully, the next time you’re hearing from me I will have had a fish on the bank, and maybe even one of the targeted fish. 
Thanks for reading, 
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