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After again arriving later than expected to the lake, I realised that the lake was empty and that I would have the freedom of swims and be able to put myself on the fish. I wasted no time in walking around and picking a spot to set up. The plan for this session was to spend the night on one lake, then meet a friend and fish the following day on one of the other lakes within this ticket. 
Jack Moulds Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Whilst walking round I realised that the fish were in the same area of the lake as the previous session, so I decided to fish the night in the swim to the right of where I had previously fished. This would allow me to place one rig tight to a big weed bed on the right, where I had seen fish showing, and one straight out in front in open water.  
Hoping for a quick bite, I cast the right hand rod out to the spot with just a single 14mm VNX+ bottom bait, and a PVA mesh filled with crushed boilie and 6mm pellets. I then cast the left hand rod into position, baited with a 14mm Red Spice Fish bottom bait and 16mm pop up, and again using a PVA mesh and a couple of spods of boilie and pellet. Unfortunately I was unable to steal a quick bite, and just before dark I decided to reel both rods in and put on fresh bait and mesh. This time using the same approach on the right hand rod, as on the left, only in the VNX+ flavour. Following this I spodded out roughly 5 spods of bait over both spots and feeling happy with the rods, I got my head down for the night. 
I was awoken a few hours later to what I suspected to be a bream on the right hand rod, but as I lifted the rod and reeled down to the fish, as quickly as I came into contact, it was off. I re-baited the rod and went back to bed. A couple of hours passed before I was awoken again to another take from the right hand rod. After a short but sweet fight I landed myself an 11lb common and was happy to have not blanked. The rod went back on the spot with fresh bait, and I went back to bed. I was woken twice more during the night, both on the right hand rod, and both times taking me into the weed and making things more interesting. I landed both fish and both were again 11lb commons. I couldn’t believe it. I decided to not re cast this rod and try to get some decent sleep. 
As morning came around I got the rods back out as I packed up my kit ready to move on to the next destination. However, I was not feeling hopeful for another bite due to the temperature already soaring, and the fish already showing on the surface. But in the couple of hours that I remained on this lake I managed to bag myself a further 2 fish. One being a 9lb common and the second being a 16lb common. I was over the moon to up my best from these waters so far. 
Jack Moulds Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
It wasn’t long before my first bite, from the left hand rod landing myself a small mirror of around 12lb.  
Just as I was returning this fish the right hand rod was away. After a vicious fight, just as I was ready to land the dark and golden common of a similar size to the previous, it spooked and made one last charge into the depths, and managed to snap me off. I couldn’t believe it. However, clearly my approach to this water was working so far. 
A few hours passed without anything on my rods, but a few takes on my friends, and with him landing fish next to me, I decided I needed to do something different. I decided to spread another handful of bait over each of the rods whilst I decided on a change. With the idea of zigs going round in my head, catching me by surprise, my left hand rod was away again. This time with another vicious fight I had a feeling that I was into something a little bigger, and managed to land myself a beautiful 16lb mirror. 
Jack Moulds Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
On arrival at the second lake, a water that I had never fished before, and only seen once on a quick visit, I had no idea what to expect. We picked areas to fish that were close together, so as to be a little bit social, and that contained features to fish off.  
The water out in front of my swim contained an island in the middle of the lake. Around this island I could see that there were fish showing on the surface, so I decided to have a lead around to check the bottom in this area. I discovered that the depth of the lake gradually decreased as I got closer to the island, and that the lake bed was clear and hard. From this information I made the decision to fish roughly one and a half rod lengths away from the island and the rods about the same distance from each other, in a depth of what I estimated to be around 6-8 feet deep.  
I took the same approach as I did on the previous lake with the bait, using two baits of the same flavour, one being 14mm boilie and a 16mm pop up and one being a bottom bait. Only this time I decided to use VNX+ on both rods due to the success on my previous water. I also used a PVA mesh on both rods and baited the spots with a few handfuls of boilies. 
Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
After a few pictures with the fish, it went back into the water and the rod went back out along with another handful of boilies over the top. Three hours passed without any action and with myself having had enough of the heat I decided to pack up and go home. Whilst I was packing up though, the right hand rod let out a couple of beeps, and the bobbin raised slightly and I decided to strike. I was in to another fish, this time being another small mirror. 
I left this session feeling happy with the way that it had gone, with catching a decent amount of fish the only downside being that I have only managed a best of 16lb and still have not reached my target of a 20lb+ fish from these venues. With this in mind I feel as though I need to make some changes to my approach, maybe with some bigger hook baits. 
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