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Woke up on a cold Tuesday morning really ready for my short session on lake. Van loaded with bait and equipment needed and away I went . 
carp fishing bait successful baits
Arrived on bank and could see two others already fishing gave thumbs up and waved then started looking for signs. Nothing showing but the cold wind made my breath stand out. Could write my name on my expelled breath, still better than working. 
Set up with Successful baits VNX+ and Ready to Use Stickmix as I've had good short sessions using this and their other products . Decided to fish down margin believing the fish would be held up in the reeds again until water warmed up. 
Two hours passed and only line indication on one rod. Soup warmed me up and my thoughts were of blanking today. It was another 5 minutes before my right rod bent and buzzer let out that beautiful sound that makes everything else disappear. The fish went straight into the reeds, but being locked on with tight line held close to reed edge. A minute later it was heading out to open water and it took a while to bring it to the surface. Nice looking fish was heading my way and weight looked good. I didn't want to rush as this would probably be the only fish of the session and gentle pressure brought it to the net. Markings and condition of this fish showed the fish had done well in the lake over winter and would put a couple more pounds on this year - a nice 23lb 6oz common. A couple of hours passed and no more fish, so session ended. Next session is next week end and using this bait and my method of fishing will bring you some more info next week. 
carp fishing bait successful baits
carp fishing bait successful baits
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