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On Sunday 9th April, I joined my father in law at his chosen venue for a day session. Armed with my VNX+ Boilies and stick mix, I was looking forward to a great day. It was the hottest day of the year to date and fish were showing all over the relatively small lake. My father in law had chosen to fish Decoy Lakes in Whittlesey, near Peterborough. To my horror, I realised that I wasn’t allowed to use boilies as this was the lake rules. 
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I was scratching my head thinking about what I could do as I didn’t want to spend a fortune on bait from the on site shop, so I decided to soak the pellets that I had brought (6mm pellets) in VNX+ Activator and dry them out in my boilie net. I used a very fine drill to create a hole and thread them onto hair, using 2 pellets. I was using a small PVA bag with half a handful of pellets as freebies to draw them in. 
The reaction was almost instant. A lovely 10lb common was closely followed by several 6-7lb mirrors. The fish were stunning and in the sunshine they looked even better. The day continued in the same vain but I wanted to try something different so I cut a cube of luncheon meat from my father in laws bait box and soaked it in VNX+ boilie dip. Boooooooom a 15lb common ripped off across the lake. It was a great battle due to the light tackle that I was using. 15 minutes later it was in the net and I was giving it my best Danny Fairbrass impression ‘Yes......GET IN’. 
While the fish I was catching through the day were not the biggest, the sport was incredible and it was made all the more special that after my disappointment of not being able to use boilies I overcame and adapted to my situation and still managed to have a great day using this incredible 
bait VNX+ 
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