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Charlie and I decided to give Wood lake another bash as the weather seemed to be on the turn and was brightening up for the coming week. We arrived the same as last time, around 7am, and we walked Wood lake only this time. There were a few more on the lake on this occasion but still very few fish having been caught over the previous two weeks since our last trip here. 
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We settled on two swims next to each other, mine was called ‘The Plateau’ and Charlie's was called ‘Big Bay’… 
I was using the same bait as I did last time. A pre-activated VNX+ bottom bait with a smaller pop up on it over a bed of activated pellets and a few freebies. This was straight onto the plateau, an area that rises from 22ft deep to around 8ft deep, it was about 16 wraps out, aiming at the swim to the left of the toilet. I counted it down and knew that I was bang on it because it has very steep sides and the lead would have taken ages to reach the 22ft or so on either side of it. 
The second rod was just short of the plateau using a Nasty Shrimp pop up on a multi rig, a few freebies and a small stick mix. I was thinking that the carp may be sat at the bottom of the shelf picking up food that was washing off the shelf and rolling down the bank, as it was very steep. This was about 14 wraps and again, I knew I was bang on the right spot. It was a stunning day and the sunrise catching the trees as it rose above their crown was a delight to watch. The oranges and ochres of the winter leaves were deepened by the winter sun as it rose. Everything was still and beautifully calm. It was one of those moments that we all love the outdoors for. 
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Feeling very peaceful and ready to take a seat and enjoy the start of the days fishing, I was brought down to earth by an ear splitting crack that can only be described as the silencer of a gun being placed right next to my ear as the trigger had been pulled. This was quickly followed by a string of expletives and then a massive ‘BADOOOOOSH’. A mini tidal wave made its way across the lake as the entry of Charlie's Deeper Pro was scored 9/9.5/9/10 by four crows sat cackling in a tree away to my right. A slightly rosy cheeked Charlie picked up his landing net after placing (I use that term lightly) his rod down and stomped off around the lake to the other side to await the arrival of his now untethered Deeper Pro. 
I made a coffee and mused at the proceedings and watched as one of the other anglers on the left of my swim, scooted out of his bivvy and pulled into a carp. ‘THERE ARE CARP IN HERE’, I said to myself as I watched him slip the net underneath it and rub his hands, either because they were cold (likely) or at the glee he was feeling after catching his prey. It turned out to be a nicely patterned Mirror around the 15lb mark. 
Shortly after that a shadow was cast over my swim as Charlie appeared from behind me. ‘Coffee mate’? I handed him a coffee and he saw the funny side of what had happened. Just after that I was joined by a stunning little Robin. It sat scratching amongst the bark looking for boilie crumbs and insects. I watched it for about 10 minutes and then it flew up to the end of my rod and just sat there staring at me. Such fantastic colours accentuated by the beaming sun. It stayed there for a minute or so and then disappeared as quick as it had arrived. 
Peace was interrupted by the angler in the ‘Diving board’ swim crashing out of his bivvy and stumbling towards his rods as one of his alarms started going into melt at 999 pace. I think he must have been asleep as it seemed to take an age for his feet to do what I think he was telling them to do. He had a brief battle and then slipped the net under a 13lb Mirror. It looked like they had started to feed a little bit, maybe the warming sun had stirred their appetites? Were we going to get in on the action? 
The night drew its big black duvet around us and Charlie struck up his stove and started to cook up the curry that he had kindly made for us both. He had also bought a couple of bottles of Cobra beer to go with it. I have to say that the curry Charlie had put together was one of the best curries I had ever tasted. Complete with Cobra beer and a nice warm Naan bread cooked on the Ridgemonkey, it was a perfect way to finish the evening, apart from not having a fish yet. We cleared up and then reset our rods and bid each other good night. The last sound I remember was the sweet song of the wobble throated Charlie as he proceeded to keep wildlife for miles around awake during the dark hours that night. Luckily the Cobra beer had given me a soft blanket of ‘couldn’t care less’ to lay my head on as I drifted into a deep slumber. 
7 am came and I was brewing up when Charlie arose. The weather was overcast and it had forecast rain around 8am. We hadn’t had a touch on the rods overnight and the temperature had plummeted to almost zero again. I made the decision to get packed up as quick as possible due to the band of cloud and rain we could see heading our way. I had literally just put the last of my gear in the car, apart from the rods, landing net and mat when from across the lake a wall of rain started bouncing off the bivvies on the other side of the lake. Due to the fact that the swims are large and open, you can get your car fairly close to them. I was sat in my car listening to the rain bounce off the roof, drinking a coffee and waiting for it to pass. Charlie had just got his gear in too so we sat there and devised a plan to go for breakfast due to the fact that we hadn’t had the opportunity to eat before packing up. 
Rods packed, mats stowed and nets bagged we hit the local café and had another coffee while waiting for the bacon sarnies. We got chatting about last years trip to Petit Pretre in France and I started longing to be back there. Soon I thought, very very soon……. 
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