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Unfortunately for me over the last couple of months I haven’t been able to get out on the bank as much as I would like. Having my main syndicate around an hour away it’s been tough to sort out overnighters between work, with the lake being 35 acres and not very easy. Therefore I’ve had to change my approach over the past few months to targeting a small park lake close to home for short evening sessions, making the most of the increased daylight hours. 
Myself and fellow Successful Baits Team Member Darren, have fished this particular park lake for a few years now, him more than me as it’s less than a stone’s throw from where he lives. Being around 3-4 acres in size with an average depth of around 2-3 feet, it was the perfect place to get on the fish and hopefully land a few within our very limited time. Armed with the Scoberry and VNX+ we began to trickle bait into areas of the lake any time one of us was passing through the area, truth be told Darren spent more time baiting up as he was only a 2 minutes around the corner. 
First evening session was upon us and we aimed for an area that we had previously baited. With only travelling light it was the perfect place to start, being ready to move if we saw fish elsewhere. The rods were marked up to the area already so it was just a case of choosing our hook baits for the session and we were away. I found in the past that the fish in the lake seem to like a wafter hook bait, which could be due to the fact that most of the carp range from 5-15lb. Armed with the ever faithful Scoberry wafters both rods were out on the spot ready to go. We didn’t have to wait long for a bite, with the fish clearly homing in on the baited spot that we had previously baited. 
Prior to the session I was talking to Darren and decided to dust off my old Shimano bait runner rod and reel set up, being only a small water I knew I wasn’t going to need my usual set up. It had been a while since I’d last used the rods, but it didn’t take long to get back in the swing of things and enjoy the fight. The great thing about using a lighter set up when you can get away with it, is that every carp hooked feels bigger than normal. 
carp fishing bait successful baits carp fishing bait successful baits
The following evening had arrived and, with work finished and to the back of our minds, we were ready to get down the lake and hopefully bag a couple more fish. The fishing on this session proved to be trickier than the previous evening with the fish not being over the bait as they were before. So a move was on the cards, and both being packed light we were round the other side of the lake in a matter of minutes following the sighting of fish in the corner not far from a duck feeding platform. With already knowing the spots we proceeded to place the rods on the far margin where we had already seen the fish. All the rods were out and ready to go, but instead of baiting 50 yards from our swim we decided to walk around to the far margin to bait up by hand. Darren was on baiting duty and I was left to man the rods. With Darren baiting the spot, one of his rods signalled a take, so a picked up the rod a proceeded to play the fish until Darren returned to net it, however things didn’t quite go to plan. With the fish being so tuned into the boilies, his second rod was away. So there I am, 5 minutes after getting into the swim I’m playing two fish at the same time, before shouting to Darren to get back and help land both fish. Once he had returned it wasn’t long before both fish were safely in the net, mine being a lovely ghost carp and the other being another lovely common. With the commotion of having a double hook up, a couple of young lads who were at the back of the swim offered to take a couple of photos for us. Being a park lake you get to meet dog walkers and all types of different people along the way, so it’s nice to have to opportunity to get a couple of lads to take a brace photo for us. However this is where things didn’t quite go to plan for me…. With both fish in the nets we proceeded to hold the carp up for the camera but before we could do so, my lively little ghostie decided he wanted to escape. 
First fish of the session was landed on the Scoberry and what a stunning dark park lake common it was. We didn’t weigh it because with the fight that it put up we already had a smile on our faces. 
carp fishing bait successful baits
Shortly after returning my scale perfect common, Darren’s rod was away with what only can be described as a one toner. The bite was one of the most electric bites I’ve experienced on the bank, with most of my fishing being done with either tight or locked up clutches. After a short battle, I gladly netted a small mirror, around the same size as my common for Darren, to say we was both happy was an understatement. We had been fishing for around 10mins between us and we already had a fish under our belt each. Darren had decided to fish with a pop up rig topped with a VNX+ Pop-up to try and single out a slightly better fish. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case, but the fish clearly liked both of the presentations. Both rods were placed back out on the baited spot with a pouch full of both Scoberry and VNX+ over each rod, to try and bring the carp back into the area after the commotion of landing a fish each. 
We had to wait a little longer for the next bite, due to spooking the shoal with the two quick fish early on. My second fish of the session resulted in another common, this one being just over the 10lb mark, with a very distinctive scale pattern just behind his gill plate, definitely a recognisable fish if either of us is lucky enough to catch him again. With both of my commons being nailed on the size 8 wafter rig, it was clear to see that the fish were feeding hard on the Scoberry and VNX+ free offering that we were introducing to the spot. 
Just like before no sooner had I returned my second common than Darren was away again.This one turned out to be a smaller common but no less special. It was clear to us that a shoal of fish would move into the area and we would pick fish off very quickly before spooking the shoal back out after catching a couple. Unfortunately for us we both had to be off shortly after our second fish each due to commitments at home, however, before leaving we baited the spot again and decided to return the following evening for another short session. 
carp fishing bait successful baits
But instead of leaving it there, I decided to display all the attributes this little common had to show. 
This session only resulted in a fish each for the both of us but we was still very happy with the outcome 
It’s not always about catching fish that’s important within carp fishing, but for me, having enjoyable sessions with good friends is often just as important. 
With the session drawing to a close it had been an enjoyable and fruitful couple of short sessions for both of us. It had proved to us that pre-baiting spots is a great method to use when your carp fishing is time restricted and also well as being ready to move onto showing fish when needed. For me in order to utilise both of these methods I need a boilie which I can trust in to catch me fish and for me, the Scoberry and VNX+ are my perfect weapon of choice! 
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