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My first session as a Successful Baits Team Member and I was very excited to say the least. All the products look and smell amazing. I spent the whole previous evening tying my rigs and preparing all my kit needed for the day ahead. 
Nasty Shrimp popups Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Bait
I placed my left and my middle rod out about 80yards towards an island in about 20ft of water. On the left rod I had a pineapple pop up and on the middle rod I had a nasty shrimp pop up. On both rods I had my favourite rig, the Spinner/Ronnie rig. I was casting both rods out with little PVA bags of chopped and crushed VNX+ boilies. I had it in my head that these two rods would be staying in position until hopefully one ripped off. I was using my third rod as a roaming rod with a single VNX+ pop up, moving it every 45mins trying to put the rig on the carps nose and hopefully snaring a bite. 
A couple of hours passed and I got a beep on my left hand rod. My adrenaline instantly started pumping as I hadn't had a carp since December, but nothing came of it.  
Another hour or so passed with nothing - all the time I was scanning the water trying to see signs of any fish, of which there were none. It was getting towards midday so I put the kettle on and got my sandwiches out. Just as I went to have a bite the left hand rod screamed off. I struck into it I was on the first bend in the rod for over a month!  
I was enjoying the fight but couldn’t wait to get it in the net as it could have been my only bite of the day as the lake has been fishing hard over the winter. In my haste, trying to walk left away from my other rods, my foot slipped and went straight in the lake! It was a hairy moment but the carp was still on and soon in the net, 13lb common carp. 
Pineapple Popups Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Up at the crack of dawn, I was filled with the anticipation I get every time I go fishing for what might be - maybe I would catch a lump! I was targeting my local club lake where I spent the end of last year fishing and had some decent results. I am planning on doing most of my fishing this year on this lake and one other local water, as I know there're some real special fish in these lakes that I would like to catch. Fingers crossed I can get them in the net in the coming months. 
As I went through the gates and down the dirt track towards the lake, I was quietly confident in getting a bite or two. It was a misty, frosty morning but temperatures were due to hit 9-10 degrees later in the afternoon, the warmest it had been for months. 
I arrived at the lake side, loaded my barrow and off I went. I already knew where I would be setting my traps as I’ve had fish from the swim previously, but I also had in my head that if I saw any signs of fish I wouldn’t hesitate to move to get on them, so it was as good as anywhere to start I guess. 
Pineapple Popups Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits Pineapple popups Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
I left the carp in the net and cast straight back on the spot from where I had the bite. After unhooking, getting my photos and returning the fish, I brought my other two rods in and changed them to the pineapple pop ups to match the left rod and cast both the rods to the same area as the left rod. 
I was sure there must have been more carp in the area and I was right - half hour later this time the middle rod roared off. At first I thought it was one of the 20lb carp that reside in the lake as it was putting up a right battle and felt quite heavy, but when I saw the carp break the surface for the first time I realised it wasn’t, but I was still buzzing! (In the net) 12lb mirror carp.. 
All in all, a great first session on the incredible Successful Baits range and I'm really looking forward to the year ahead. I’ll certainly have a lot more confidence now I've got a bait I can trust 100% - I can’t wait to get back on the bank very soon. 
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