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I had decided it was time to get down to my syndicate water in Kent. The sun weather forecast said the sun was due to make an appearance for the weekend and it did, with temperatures in the twenties making a nice change from the cold and rain of late. 
Richard Bundock Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
On arriving at the complex I made a move onto the main lake, all 20+ acres of it. I had a look for any fish showing, and bingo! They were sunning themselves in front of me, just catching a glimpse of their backs breaking the surface. So, it was get a bucket in the swim and get the gear out of the car smartish. On arriving at my car a couple of guys broke the news to me that there was a match scheduled on the main lake all weekend! School boy error, I hadn’t checked my membership card for dates, so with my tail between my legs I picked my bucket up and made a hasty move onto one of the other smaller waters. As you can probably guess everyone else had had the same idea. All the swims were looking busy but I was able to squeeze into a swim in the middle of a 3 acre lake. There were only 6 swims on it but there were 5 of us on there and although these waters don’t like angling pressure, I thought to myself, I’m here now and I’m not going home. 
I took a middle swim as the more productive and favoured swims had been taken. First job was to get the rods out. I had taken with me the Successful Baits Nasty Shrimp and Scoberry in shelf life boilies, along with matching pop ups. I like to use different baits on different rods so it gives me the option if I find one doing well, I can swap all rods on to the same bait. 
First rod I put on my reliable IQ D rig with a Nasty Shrimp pop up, along with a pva mesh bag filled with Nasty Shrimp stick mix. I had already got my distance by casting just a lead out to the reeds on the far margin and then clipping up. I know from previous experience that a clear weed free channel runs along this margin. Second rod had a Ronnie rig with a Scoberry pop up and a pva mesh bag loaded with halved Scoberry boilies, this also had been clipped up to the far reed margin. Third rod I had decided to go for a helicopter rig of about 12 inches with a Nasty Shrimp pop up on, this had been balanced so as to slowly sink due to some weed build up to my left hand side. All rods out and ready to hear them Delkims scream off, as with a lot of my fishing I like to back lead when the situation allows me to, I also put a scattering of boilies over the baited area. 
Nasty Shrimp Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Nasty Shrimp Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
The sun was high in the sky and very warm so I wasn't too down beat that a few hours had passed with no action. It had allowed me time to get the bivvy up and sorted before it turned dark. As the evening was closing in there was still no action, but no one else was catching either, as all the lakes here can be tough even at the best of times. Evening turned into night and all was quiet so it was time to turn in. During darkness all I heard was the odd single bleep from the alarms, more than likely small fry or liners. 
I woke up about 6am to another warm day on the horizon. Although it had been a carp free night I left my baits out, as I don’t like to start re-baiting and casting around when it’s day break and it should be bite time. When it got to about mid-morning I decided it was time for a re-bait, so reeled in. The Nasty Shrimp and Scoberry pop ups were still looking good but I decided to freshen it up with new baits and pva bag of stick mix. 
Before I knew it I was packing up and heading home. Yes, I had blanked but then I only heard of 1 other fish coming out while I was there, to a guy in one of the favoured swims. I left not disappointed as I had tried, and there’s always next time. 
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