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Having had a busy time since my last session, I haven't managed to fish as much as I'd like. My daughter turned 9 on the 11th, our lass bless her.. we had such an awesome day. One, she and I will always remember. It's moments like these that whenever I'm not on the bank, these are the days I live for outside of fishing. Our lass has always taken on a lot, brought her up as her own and always put her first, cannot fault her for any of that. 
I did manage a couple of day sessions. Having kept close tabs on what was happening, baiting spots regularly with Successful Baits VNX+, and a wee bit of particle. I felt something was close. I felt I had to get down if I could. I'd arranged with my mate to nip me down on the night of the 14th to drop my gear off, with the intentions of push biking down at 4:30am. 
I arrived sharp and full of enthusiasm for the day ahead. I planned to fish the last swim, travelling light. Most would avoid this area for the pure fact it's a right old walk with the barrow. Opting to fish from the opposite side into this corner, but not close enough to the one remaining snag in the lake. 
It pains me to say but I parted with near on £160 purchasing a cygnet baiting pole for this lake. The owners bait up regularly, with a routine left and right spoon thrown in each swim. My aim was to fish margins, further than others could with the aid of the baiting pole. I used the baiting pole to position my main rod, a few feet away from a snag fishing a 6 inch drop locked up solid. The other I sat back and waited to see fish show. 
Throughout the morning I spent most of the time with my rods against the supabrolly. Trickling bait, getting them feeding, watching their routes, watching how confident they felt coming away from the snags. They weren't really up for it, the angling pressure the corner had received was obvious. However, I felt it was a good opportunity to see what the lake had to offer, I sat feet away from the stock holding in the snag, new fish arriving and leaving, I saw some awesome creatures to mid twenties. I saw the big mirror (30+) feeding on the VNX+. 
Around midday I managed a low double common of just shy of 11lb. Buzzing with the small common, off the mark, but I saw some awesome stock in the snags I had to get amongst! 
The rest of the day passed uneventfully however, I did bait a clear spot with 3kg of VNX+. Watching fish after fish muller the bait, sometimes before it even hit bottom. This filled me with confidence, knowing I'd be back for another day in a few days. 
The same again, dropping the kit off, biking down first light. Same area, same tactics. 
This morning felt different, I couldn't see as many fish and there were less fish showing on the other side of the lake. I kept walking around with the rods out of the water. I counted 56 fish under a fallen tree. If rules stated stalking was ok I'd have landed fish, trust me. 
The session passed uneventfully. When I arrived I was buzzing with confidence, but left dejected. However, I did feed them a good 2-3kg VNX+, some might frown, but I felt it a good opportunity to get a good taste for the bait, giving me confidence when I next returned. 
Will the next session going prove eventful, or will it be another frustrating affair. It's me against the fish, I feel I have the confidence, the knowledge and the capability to get amongst them. 
Only time will tell. 
Tight lines people, hope you enjoyed the read. Until the next session be lucky and always stay safe. 
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