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As I've mentioned previously, I felt the time was right for a change in scenery, so back to the roots, I went down to our family run syndicate. 
The lake has changed immensely this season, with the weed growing completely out of control, spots changing and some very keen new anglers contributing to the almost daily angling pressure. By no means had I thought I'd come here to catch a fish easily, having done a couple of blanks on my other water in recent sessions. If anything, it would probably be a harder task. 
Instead of putting all my eggs in one basket, fishing the usual bait and wait, I opted to keep the majority of my kit on the barrow, and have a wander around for the day before setting up as I wanted to pick out the areas I had seen fish feeding, or try to encourage them to feed comfortably without a line in the water. 
Doing this I found a couple of nice looking areas toward the bottom end of the lake, thick Canadian weed from bottom to top. Using the ladders available I sat for a hour or so watching the fish moving, picking up bait and moving off, to return and repeat the process. Having been sat there a good while I could almost make out the patrol routes the fish were taking. The areas they felt at ease, the areas they didn't like much. 
After a good look around and a few laps of the lake I felt it would be good to stick some more bait in where I had been watching the carp feed. I carefully placed around half a kilo on likely looking areas before moving on to have a wander with my bucket of floaters and a bit of kit. 
Fish were taking floaters but not really having it, taking one or two before moving off. My floaters consisted of a basic bakers dog biscuit mix, plus bits of bread. With this, I proceeded to coat the mix with the Nasty Shrimp bait activator for a little more pulling power. The set up was a bog standard bolt bubble by Fox, down to a size 10 mixa hook using the new product from Nash, the bread bombs in small. 
I was noticing the fish feeding more confidently on the bread than the mixers. However, after calling it a day floater fishing and moving onto the baited spots for the night, I was very surprised to wake the next morning without a fish in the retainer! The night passed without action and with time pressing on, the floater kit was back out. I packed everything down ready to go and had another bash on the surface. 
Almost instantly after finding some fish, I had hooked an angry carp, the swim I was fishing held numerous lily beds, and an unbelievably thick weed bed half way out. Within a minute or two the fish had locked me up solid in the weed and after carefully trying to gain something on the fish, everything went slack. Gutted. 
It still looked good for another chance though, the fish were still feeding even after hooking the fish. After a few frustrating, heart in the mouth moments I ended the session managing to bank two nice mirrors off the surface. A nice scaley 15 mirror and an immaculate leather known as Hoover - a fish I had had my eyes on since I saw it stocked. 
carp fishing bait successful baits
carp fishing bait successful baits
The first fish I have managed to bank so far this season off the surface, I don't know what it is about fishing on the top but it just does it for me! Why sit behind motionless bobbins when you can extract them from the surface?? 
I hope to see others throw this type of fishing into their angling, as it could be the difference between leaving the lake with a smile or not, and let's face it, nobody likes leaving a lake having blanked. My angling this year is about focusing on things I've tended to neglect, floater fishing being one. 
Hope you guys enjoy my read, sorry it's been a few weeks since the session, been a busy few weeks, keep an eye out for the latest session report. 
Until next time be safe, keep putting in the effort, everything falls into place in the end for the ones who go the extra distance. 
Be lucky, 
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