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I wasn't planning on fishing at all this 4 off, with the house move and all that. However, the owners had arranged a BBQ for the lakes first anniversary since opening so I felt, being bailiff, I had to show my face. 
Since my last session I have continued to feed my areas, especially the area which produced the hit of fish last time out. My thinking was getting down as early as possible on Friday as it was fairly obvious with there being the BBQ that most who would attend would fish. 
Arriving at the lake around 6am I proceeded with the long barrow round to the swim I had fished on the previous session. The night previous I went down and had a good look around and spread a kilo of Nasty Shrimp over the bar and down my left margin. I also put around 2kg hemp and maize on the bar to try keep the fish grubbing or at least returning upon my arrival. 
The stall was set, the lake was fairly quiet with only a couple of other anglers present and nowhere near me really. I'm fishing the right hand side of a decent sized bar 40 yards range. The left hand side is fairly unfishable at the moment as it holds around 8 baskets on top of the bar as the owners tried to get lilies to take. This didn't go to plan and since then it's proven fairly difficult to remove the remaining baskets from the bar. So I felt I was in a decent area, and hopefully an area that would be overlooked as I have tried to make as many aware of the underwater 'snags' as I possibly could. 
I hadn't seen anything come midday and there were now 8+ anglers. Therefore I opted to put a bit more bait out via the spomb. Around a kilo of mixed and chopped VNX+ and Nasty Shrimp was spread over the area along with a kilo of hemp. 
It felt good for a bite! 
However, the bloody birds were absolutely hammering me. After nailing a mallard bang in the beak I carefully grabbed the bird by the neck, unhooked it and returned it safely to the lake. I was then forced to redo the rig as it totally ruined the sticky sharpness of my chosen hook. 
I like my Fox Edges rig components. Everybody has their own personal preferences, I've just found the hooks to be mega strong. My preferred rig for my angling at the moment is the 360 rig with a 16mm pop up either Neon Nasty Shrimp or Neon Scoberry. Slightly shaving the pop up into a barrel shape allows me not to need to use any rig putty. The weight of the Edges medium curve size 5 is perfectly balanced. So yes, if I know I'm fishing on a relatively even lake bed, this is my preferred rig. Don't get me wrong, different swims on the lake I will sway toward using a different approach, after all, the business end is where all your confidence lies, if you aren't confident in what your using then you may as well be sat at home. Hard work, watercraft, pre-baiting and, most importantly, your rig in the right location is what will catch the carp. 
Into the night I witnessed the most torrential downpour I've probably ever seen whilst fishing the last 20 years - in the UK anyway. The swims down the lake have been done quite nice, wood chipping in the swims and the paths, so I felt I could leave my groundsheet at home as it's a bit less weight to barrow around. However, around 10pm I found myself with 3 inch of water surrounding me inside my bivvy!! The rain wasn't stopping either, absolute madness and secretly I was praying to god that rod didn't rip off!! 
The rain passed, the puddles seeped into the ground, leaving me and my gear, my food bags and my bait..! soaking. 
The night passed uneventfully, and waking up around 8am I heard the distinctive sound of a lead entering the water in front of me, strange. I got up and, after hearing the birds diving into the night, I felt my pop ups were probably long gone. I reeled both rods in and felt some slight resistance. When another lead landed, I followed the line towards the swim next door. One of the members had turned up first light and was casting leads practically on the spot I was fishing directly in front of my peg. 
After a brief chat and a few apologies I decided enough was enough and to pack my gear down and leave it in the sun to dry out for the day whilst I went and help set the gear up for the BBQ. 
I'd had a fair few early morning bites, and all day all I could think was, maybe I would have had a chance if the angler in question wasn't fishing my spot. The carp must have been laughing at two tow ropes going through my spot. That's if they ever did turn up on the bait. Who knows? 
I do my best to not get wound up when things like this happen but sometimes I cannot help myself. I don't have days on end angling, therefore still today I don't see it as bad angling, it just would have been nice to be knocked up and asked where I was fishing! After all, I wasn't encroaching on anybody else's water, I was simply fishing 40 yards out. 
Hopefully none of this will happen again. It's never nice to see, but I did appreciate the apology. 
The BBQ was a nice few hours having a beer and some food with the members, talking carp and having a bit of banter. I decided to call it a day around 3pm as my lift was arriving, quietly sneaking back down I spread another kilo over a marginal spot I had seen a few show in the morning, a spot I've been trickling bait in for a few weeks now. 
Looking back I don't think I fished bad at all. I had pre-baited the night before, and unaware to me the owners then put an extra 10kg pellet on the bar after I had baited up. Possibly the fish just didn't want to be there for a few days. Maybe the bird activity had kept them at bay, who knows. A few of the lads did manage to catch a few however, the biggest fish landed being a scraper 20, them big girls are still out there. 
I will keep the bait going in. Keep the faith, keep positive and stay mobile. It will happen.. 
It's probably looking like a few weeks until I next get out on the bank. Secretly hoping the big girls remain uncaught ready for my next outing! 
Hope you enjoy the read, this ones a blank. 
Until next time, stay safe. 
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