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As I mentioned in my last session report, I have gained the role of bailiff on a local water. Having not done much other than a couple of nights over winter, I'm completely new to this water. 
The lake is around 9 acres in size with the majority of water being around 15-17ft. There are two bars, plenty of marginal features and a bay at one end. The lake was dug back in the 70/80s for the sand whilst the M181 motorway was being built. The lake hasn't been fished at all other than some family members of the previous owner, instead the land was being used for shooting. The new owners really have turned this place into a beautiful lake. There are roughly 20-25 known 20s at this moment in time with possibly two of them possibly being over 30, neither have been caught since august last year. The common I've seen on a few occasions, and it looks a chunk! The thing I like about this place is the mystery behind it. Being so secluded, deep, unfished. There has to be a few surprises as there are still fish being caught nobody has seen before. It's a working progress I'm helping the owners with photos and records of fish now, so we all gain a better understanding of our quarry. 
For the first couple of weeks I had hatched a plan to target a specific area of the lake which has seen the least angling pressure. The fish have certainly woken from their winter hold up, fish are regularly being caught albeit the majority of them coming from either end of the lake in pegs 1 and 10. Both ends of the lake hold great sanctuary for the carp, rodlength canopys and snags. However, the owners have been for a couple of months now removing the snags beneath water level, although still keeping the canopy for the fish to reside under. I felt this was a really good thing to be doing, it will not only push the fish out into the lake more, but still provide the sanctuary the fish need from time to time. 
Peg 6 is the swim I'd started prebaiting. I opted to use a boilie/particle approach every other day. In the hope that I could get my margin spots rocking for when I had planned my visit. Having not seen anybody fish peg 6 previously, i thought this would be a good starting point. The days passed by and the bait kept on going in, I had invested in a cygnet 12m baiting pole to provide me more distance and to hopefully fish further down a margin than anybody could physically get a rod themselves without a pole. Having a lead around finding the bottom of the marginal shelf in around 7-8ft of water. I baited both margins for around 2 weeks prior to my 36hour visit. 
My time had come to get down the lake and I must admit I was rather giddy. Carefully positioning the rods on my two marginal areas, although not really feeling confident. The spots had seen bait, regularly for 2 weeks. I felt confident the fish would have found the bait and there would be a good chance of them visiting the area again as long as the bait kept going in. However, the damn northerly winds were bitter. I felt I had a better chance fishing deeper water. Baiting with whole crushed and chopped VNX+ with hemp. 
carp fishing carp bait successful baits
I found a couple of fish down to my left in peg 9, but felt I had a better chance of a fish if I dropped into peg 8. This would allow me to fish another spot I had been introducing bait, whilst also fishing the end of the bar into open water. My good mate Kev had a new PB at 23.03 during the night fishing an open water area from peg 7, also a smaller fish on first light so it was clear the fish where out in the open water. 
I moved into 8, baited my areas and set up stall for the night. The rods were positioned both with 360 rigs, fishing 16mm scoberry pop ups slightly whittled into a sort of barrel shape just to take the weight of the hook gently allowing me to not need to use any putty. I made sure before casting out I gently squeezed the baits in the margin to allow them to take on some water. 
I felt fairly confident as into dark I had seen a couple of shows toward the bar. Watching the water until around 10:30 I had seen more shows, the wind was still howling northerly. Although the weather was rubbish, it had to happen, I had to get the first fish under my belt. 
I'd nodded off around 11pm. Until awoken by an absolute one toner on my left hand rod fishing a 12ft hole off a bush on the far margin. After a fairly decent scrap I had a mid double common in the folds of my net. 
Size did not matter, I was off the mark and confident. The fish were eating the bait, and they were seeing plenty of it. This brings me great pleasure knowing this coming into better weather. 
The session ended with only that small common although I really didn't care. I packed up and went home smiling, already planning my next assault. 
I'm about stuck for time my next 4 days off as it's daughters birthday, we have a party planned for her and I'm in need of some family time. I'll be getting out for a day session I hope, and will keep you posted on anything I manage to catch. 
Until next time, be lucky and stay safe. 
I stuck to my guns. 
The night passed uneventful. As expected. I woke a little after first light, having the day only left I opted to bait the marginal areas with a couple of kilo of VNX+ whole and chops. Wound the rods in and went for a mooch as a move was defiantly on the cards. 
carp fishing carp bait successful baits car fishing carp bait successful baits
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