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Arriving at the lake August 1st the weather seemed decent enough for the next few days. The last couple of sessions had thrown me up a couple of bonus fish with the surface gear, so I'd be throwing some of that into this session if they were up for a munch on the surface. 
Quickly unpacking the car to see only one other member fishing, I had a fair idea where I would like to be for the next 36 hours. The member in peg 1 hadn't caught anything and there were a fair few fish around that area, but I decided instead to venture further down the lake. 
Whilst doing this I had to quickly stop the barrow and, as fast as I possibly could, whip my brolly out its bag and quickly set it up over my barrow! Just managing to do this before the heavens really did open up!! Rain battered down for a good 15 minutes solid, during this time our quarry decided it was time to put on a good old show right in front of where I was 'hiding' under my brolly! 
That's my swim sorted then... 
Time was getting on at this point so I felt it would be good to get the camp set up, get my traps set and kick back for the night whilst trickling some floaters out to see if I could persuade any carp into taking them. 
This didn't really go to plan! 
Just before dark I managed to take some epic shots of the sun setting, this is why we do what we do, and why I love being outdoors so much. 
carp fishing bait successful baits carp fishing bait successful baits carp fishing bait successful baits
20lb 2oz 
Absolutely buzzing with that result, seeing the fish so close in to actually hook, land and photograph such an epic old warrior of a carp really did make my session. 
The remainder of the session fished very hard, with nothing to report. 
This is my last outing before I jet off on holiday, looking forward to coming into autumn, with a good chance of a few more fish on the bank before the cold hits. 
I hope some of you guys do take note, as some would have read in previous reports just how rewarding putting that extra bit of effort in can be. Two twenties off the surface, can't be that bad! 
Hope you're all well, stay safe and always try to be one step ahead. 
Tight lines 
Early hours I managed to lose a fish due to a hookpull from the same marginal spot I lost a fish from on my previous outing. There is nothing worse than feeling that bend to everything going slack, sickening. 
It was around 8am when one of the members started to bait up the far margin opposite me! He didn't know I was fishing due to there being no cars in the car park because I'd gotten a lift, never mind, he was nowhere near me. However, this happened to be a blessing in disguise. 
After seeing me and having a chat over the lake, he ventured round to see me. I went on to tell him I was struggling to get them taking on the surface etc and he said he had just had them taking further down. With this, I put a couple of catapults of mixers and bread soaked in the Nasty Shrimp Bait Activator 3/4 of the way out. Almost instantly fish were taking. I took the chance in casting the floater rod out, within 30 seconds I was into a good, hard fighting fish. Buzzing. 
With the help of the other member we managed to safely land a pukka, purply looking mirror at 22lb 15oz. Epic result and even better for the lake, with this fish being stocked at around 5lb 5 years ago. 
carp fishing bait successful baits
Pressure off. 
After this I decided to reel in my bottom rods, get my mat, sling, scales and a few bits and bobs on the barrow and go for a mooch in search of more carp willing to slip up on the surface! 
The struggle really was becoming real after a few hours of chasing the carp around the lake. They weren't really interested until I found a few fish milling around a set of pads at real close quarters. Firstly I tried to get them taking on the surface, this was harder than I'd first anticipated. 
My next approach was to use slow sinking freelined bread. I had seen a very recognisable linear regularly in this area throughout the couple of hours I focused here. They kept dipping down and having a feed on bread and aimed right for the crumbed Nasty Shrimp boilies. I waited patiently until the fish drifted off, then carefully lowered the bread onto the area. Then out of nowhere, a fish took the bread before it even managed to hit the bottom, quickly bending into what looked and felt a good fish. 
After a 5 minute battle down the margins the fish was in the net. A fish known as "big headed linear" and a fish I've a lot of history with to be honest, this did not bother me one bit. As what a special carp it is, wouldn't you agree? 
carp fishing bait successful baits
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