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VNX+ Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits


New products in our shop are Pastes and Carp Shakes - awesome new products to get you more fish on the bank. 
There is a new section on our shop now into which we will put products which are at or near their sell by date. As we are sure you know, quality products such as ours are still perfectly usable for months and months after the sell by date. We will now offer these to customers at a reduced price. Find these bargains here
We introduced two new Shelf Life flavours in 2019 - TigerNut and Seafood, both of which are proving popular with the Team. We have also now added in Seafood Basemix Pop Ups and Wafters, Washed Out Pink Pop Ups, Bait Activator Liquid and Stickmix and the Seafood Traveller
Another new product is Neon Pink VNX+ Wafters
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vnx+ carp bait carp fishing boilies popups stickmix

Product spotlight 

Winter looks like it is finally arriving, with temperatures dropping to the freezing level. Proven catchers all year round are our VNX+, TigerNut, and Seafood - but also a cracker of a bait at this time of year is our Red Hot Bullet
Travellers are also good year round baits and are particularly good for your foreign trips where the venue won't allow shelf life boilies.  
TigerNut Shelf Life Boilies
2.5kg TigerNut Shelf Life Boilies in re-sealable bag
Our TigerNut boilie is the perfect addition to our boilie range. We've spent a long time tinkering with a nice, fine-nutty boilie that will make all nut fans happy. The basic structure for the TigerNut is, of course, freshly ground tiger nuts (with different degrees of grinding), a bit of milk powder,fat and roasted peanut flour support the nutty aroma and the fine creamy note of this boilie. The TigerNut has a fantastic structure which still allows washing the boilies out without losing its appearance. Whenever fish meal boilies do not bring the desired success, a nut boilie can do wonders.
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